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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hugo Chavez Style Government Coming to America

About one month ago, John Hoffmeister of Shell Oil warned that prices will continue to go up unless Congress allows further drilling to which Rep. Maxine Waters (S-Venezuela) (D-CA) replied:

“And, guess what this liberal will be all about? This liberal will be about socializing... uh, ... will be about, ... basically taking over and the government running all of your [oil] companies.”

Now Maurice Hinchey (S-NY) is echoing this sentiment: “We [the government] should own the refineries. Then we can control how much gets out into the market.”

That's what socialism and the (liberal left in America) are after, whether it's oil, light bulbs, or global warming: Control. (HH)

Related commentary:

Is the Democrat Party the CPUSA in Disguise?
By Alan Caruba

One might expect members of the Communist Party USA to advocate the nationalization of our oil companies, but hearing it from the lips of Democrat Party members of the House of Representatives should send a chill of fear through every American.

It was the former Soviet Union's reliance on revenue from its nationalized oil industry that proved to be a major factor in the collapse of that totalitarian regime. It is, in large part, Russia's nationalized oil and national gas industry that props up the current regime, a thinly disguised resurrection of the former communist party.

Full commentary.


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