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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Airbrushing Obama
—Hugh Hewitt

This past Sunday the Washington Post featured a major article on Senator Obama's "faith journey."

That would obviously be of interest to many people but, quite surprisingly, the piece didn't even mention Jeremiah Wright's influence on Senator Obama. Almost everyone following the race knows that Senator Obama spent 20 years in the pastor?s church, and was very close to Wright until the candidate had to throw Wright off the campaign and denounce his wild rhetoric.

Readers should be asking how such an article could come to be written and what it tells us about MSM's bias in favor of Obama. Rarely has so blatant a bit of airbrushing been done by a major newspaper, and the Washington post's decision to push Pastor Wright down the memory hole should be a warning to us all that there is no trusting the MSM in 2008.


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