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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are American Roots Essential for the President?
By Michael Medved
A recent news story suggests that a former top aide to Hillary Clinton advised that she attack Barack Obama for his lack of "American roots."

The New York Senator appropriately rejected this appalling advice, and made no attempt to make an issue of his boyhood in Indonesia and Hawaii. But talking about the international--rather than American--focus of his present campaign and future potential presidency is a valid, potent issue for John McCain.

When Obama tells 200,000 cheering Germans he's "a citizen of the world," when he commits billions of dollars from American taxpayers to raise living standards in other countries, many voters will rightly question his approach to national leadership. We need a president who will be a champion of America's interests first, last and always--rather than following some internationalist agenda.

I agree with Medved. As I mentioned in an earlier post, when Barack was over in Berlin giving his speech, it sounded as if he was running for the president of the EU. This "citizen of the world" nonsense is total BS.


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