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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lobby ties counter Biden's 'outsider' label

Washington Times
DENVER | Sen. Barack Obama is trying to portray himself and his running mate, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., as the "outsider" ticket of the year, but Mr. Biden's 35-year career in the Senate may make that a difficult sell. One need look no further than Mr. Biden's relationship with his lobbyist son and his law firm to see why.

Mr. Biden's campaign has hired lawyers from his son's firm to do its legal work. His son's firm lobbied for the University of Delaware and, in turn, Mr. Biden championed federal funding for lucrative projects, known as earmarks, in congressional spending bills.

In addition, Mr. Biden's son, Hunter, once worked for MBNA, the giant credit-card company, whose employees are the elder Biden's largest source of campaign contributions and whose side Mr. Biden took in a controversial bankruptcy-law fight.

All of which makes Mr. Biden a veteran of the types of insider fights that "outsiders" are supposed to eschew.


  • Yea and Mccain gets all his lobbyist money from oil companies with one very clear agenda. keeping revenues at an all time high, to milk every last drop of gas for what its worth. To keep alternative energy away from the public eye. We have the means to do it right now to fix our addiction to an nonrenewable resource. Mccain and the Republicans signed a contract with oil companies a long time ago, they will do anything and say anything to keep there promise to them. Even if it means stretching the truth, lying, doing anything to snake there way into the oval office. Biden has no clear ties to big money lobbyists, His main lobbyist ties are from law firms and University's. Republicans lie big and win because of it, for every single page of dirt on Obama Biden there is thousands for Mccain Palin. This article is very noble for your parties agenda to win at any cost. The debates will seal the victory for the Democrats, and will hopefully end your parties main agenda.. Kneeling to big oil. I hope it will, for the sake of a better World and a better America..

    By Anonymous Jason, at 4:58 PM  

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