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Heavy-Handed Politics

"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keep the Job Creators in Mind

By Michael Medved

In the midst of the crisis in the financial markets it's crucial to remember that our prosperity rests ultimately on the entrepreneurial spirit of small business, not globe-straddling corporations or mammoth bureaucracies.

John Sununu of New Hampshire, often hailed as "the smartest man in the Senate," makes the point succinctly. "Jobs in America," he says, "are not created 200,000 at a time. They?re created two at a time, five at a time, one at a time by those small businesses that drive our economy. You help those businesses not with government spending programs but by holding taxes steady. You can?t raise taxes without hurting millions of people in this country."

While too many leaders focus on ambitious and expensive new initiatives, this common sense perspective should remind us of the real source of economic growth and resilience."


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