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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will Michelle Obama tape 'change political atmosphere in America'?

African news says she should 'come clean,' but candidate's campaign calls story 'made up'

The African Press International news agency, which reported that Michelle Obama called to protest its coverage of WND investigative stories about her husband – characterizing the source of the material as "racist" and describing WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi as "evil" – now is calling on the possible first lady of the United States to "come clean" about her call.

As WND reported, the Norway-based API said Michelle Obama called to accuse the agency of "colluding with American Internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband."

The Obama campaign immediately denied there had been any telephone call from Michelle Obama, flatly dismissing the story as "not real" and "made up." API later responded by claiming it had recorded the conversation. Besieged by demands from both sides of a campaign that has reached the white-hot stage, the agency said although it had the tapes, it would not release them immediately. [Read more]


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