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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Jobs-Creation Scam

By Robert Ringer

A recent Time cover displayed a mockup of Barack Obama decked out to look like FDR. And if you caught the special about FDR that The History Channel did about a week ago, you can understand why. BHO, a master at recycling old, tried-and-failed ideas - ideas that have never enhanced either prosperity or freedom anywhere in the world - clearly intends to be the chocolate version of our thirty-second president.

Like FDR, BHO has the arrogance to use your money to "create" a job for someone else. The fact that creating jobs is not a Constitutional function of government doesn't seem to bother BHO anymore than it did FDR. And, just as FDR's intervention in the economy kept the U.S. in a depression seven or eight years longer than was necessary, BHO's shenanigans are virtually certain to have the same effect.

As always, the rationale of socialists sounds compassionate: Government has a duty to help unemployed citizens by "creating jobs." As Barney Frank angrily (and rhetorically) asked in a recent interview on 60 Minutes, "What do you expect people to do, starve?"

Clever way of changing the subject - but the moral and legal fact of life is that the government has no duty or obligation to create any job for anyone.

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