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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving Fast to Change America

By Robert Ringer

You will recall that prior to Barack Obama's taking office, I wrote a three-part article titled "The Justification for Lying," in which I discussed the approach I thought he would mostly likely take to "change the face of America." Rather than the more subtle "boil-the-frog-slowly" approach, I thought he proceed quickly to socialize the economy and suppress liberty.

I listed four reasons for this:

*Obama would have the Pelosi-Reid gang pressuring him to take action.

*He would have millions of entitlement-addicted hard cases looking to him to deliver on his spread-the-wealth promises.

*Rev. Wright might be lying in wait, ready to do something that might turn the love-filled Obamaganza into a humiliating Obamaclysm.

*And the biggest reason of all would be the pressure of knowing that the 2010 mid-term Congressional elections would probably cut into the power monopoly the left wing now holds. A significant power shift in the House and Senate would have Obama kicking himself (or, more likely, kicking you) for not moving fast enough when the Socialist Window of Opportunity was wide open.

So, now that Obama has been in office for a week, I thought I'd go back and review my thoughts from that earlier article:

Having the Pelosi-Reid crowd pushing Obama to move swiftly in the direction of bigger government, a more dependent populace, and less liberty for everyone but the D.C. power holders is a given.

As for entitlements, because of the rapidly worsening depression (euphemistically referred to by media pundits as "severe recession"), ever-increasing numbers of people are looking to big government for everything from mortgage-payment relief to extended unemployment benefits.

Rev. Wright? Well, he remains a wildcard - at least for now - because there is no way to know what he's up to. It is entirely possible that some big-money lefties are paying him off to keep quiet and stay out of sight.

If so - and I don't know that it is so - I assume they are smart enough to make the payments over an extended period of time. Otherwise, the good reverend might just take the money and turn right around and start giving speeches again. In any event, all of us will be kept in the dark on the Rev. Wright issue until, and unless, he resurfaces.

But the fourth reason remains the most important one. Obama is moving ahead with all his socialist cylinders firing to the max because campaigning for Congressional seats will soon begin, and the Limbaugh-Hannity troops are already on the attack. In fact, the attacks began on Inauguration Day.

Whether you love these right-wing guys or hate them, you owe them a debt of gratitude for putting themselves out front and taking the hate bullets from the far left. And every American should probably tithe Glenn Beck 5 percent of his earnings for speaking truths that no one else is willing to touch. Beck is in a class by himself, and I honestly fear for his safety.

Obama's problem is that his explosion of bailouts, handouts, regulations, appointments of above-the-law people to high positions - and worse - are guaranteed to accelerate the collapse of what is left of our deathly sick economy. So, what should he do to hold back irate Americans - the ones with fire in their eyes and pitchforks in their hands?

Answer: Exactly what he's doing.

First, blame it on those nasties in the last administration. Hey, he was just a community organizer who stumbled into this mess. Don't blame him, right?

Second, he's begun a permanent campaign to brainwash people into understanding that "things are going to get worse before they get better" and that the pain is going to last a long time. Let's give Obama a little credit for this one: He's telling the truth!

But what he isn't telling Mr. and Mrs. Forget-About-Retirement America is that it is the policies he is putting in place that will make things get worse and last longer. Welcome to the "new New Deal."

You do remember the first New Deal, don't you? You know - the contrivance of that charismatic character who used to get on television (Yep, that's what Patriot Joe Biden said - television!) and tell his subjects how government jobs programs, entitlement programs (such as Social Security), and, through Executive Order 6102, gold-theft programs would get us out of the Great Depression.

It sounded great, but, as everyone with a brain larger than a cockroach's now understands, these anti-liberty measures not only prolonged the Great Depression by seven or eight years, but laid the groundwork for the permanent economic and moral collapse of the U.S.A. that we are now facing.

FDR was a clever rascal, but the man at the White House controls today may prove to be even more cunning, because he's preparing our collective mindset to expect misery for years to come. That's right, no "Happy days are here again" nonsense from Obama.

As I said in my earlier article, putting an emphasis on the future has been an important tool used by crusaders, politicians, and other assorted scoundrels for centuries. The fewer short-term results a leader promises, the better his chances of keeping people from rebelling.

So, yes, Obama is doing the right thing - for him and his cronies - because the public may not be willing to wait more than two years to see some improvement in their lives. And blaming the mess he inherited on the Bush administration (as though the Democratic Congress had nothing to do with it) is a theme that will not play in Peoria indefinitely. Chicago, maybe ... but not Peoria.

I will close on the same note I ended on in my earlier article: Even if hard-core freedom advocates managed to gain control of the presidency and the Congress in 2012, they'd still have to have the courage to tell Americans the truth: The party is over!

Then, they would have to start eliminating every government program that is not called for in the Constitution, one by one. Which means that Republicans would have to end their decades of trying to outbid Democrats for votes.

Make no mistake about it, the "stimulus package" that is now estimated to be nearly a trillion dollars is only the beginning. Actually, the real beginning was the Wall Street and bank bailouts. Unless most Republicans and at least some Democrats in Congress conjure up the moral strength to say "Enough!" - before much more time elapses - phony stimulus packages in the multi-trillions will become a way of life for Americans.

And that, of course, will bring us out of our current deflationary collapse and into a collapse of another kind: runaway inflation.


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