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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bigotry at Miss USA
By David Aikman

We all know how political correctness and anti-Christian bigotry has taken over Hollywood and most American college campuses. We didn't expect that the plague would infect the finals of the Miss USA contest. Well, it's come to that.

Carrie Prejean is a beautiful Miss California who was first runner up in a recent final of the annual Miss USA contest. She also happens to be a committed Christian. So when Perez Hilton, a gay judge on the panel who is known for his vulgarity provocatively asked her if she approved of gay marriages, she politely, but forthrightly, said she didn't. For that, as Perez made clear later, she lost the crown.

How far have we gone if taking a Christian and traditional position now means you are disqualified from winning a beauty pageant?


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