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Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Dismissal Strategy

Robert Ringer's Voice of Sanity Blog
By Robert Ringer

I caught the last part of Chris Wallace’s interview with Rush Limbaugh last Sunday and was pleased to have it confirmed as being a huge success. That confirmation came from David Axelrod on CBS’ Face the Nation when he dismissed Limbaugh as an entertainer.

Said Axelrod, “He does it every day on radio. He’s marketing the outrageous. And he does very well with it. But, as I said, he’s an entertainer. We’ve got bigger responsibilities.”

Funny, and here all this time I thought it was BHO who was marketing the outrageous, with government-run healthcare being his latest ShamWow. But there’s no question that BHO and The Boys have bigger responsibilities — like, for example, fundamentally changing a democratic republic into a socialist police state.

One thing kids should be taught at a young age is that when someone belittles.........
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