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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Massive fraud crackdown goes nowhere

By William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

"I hope you've got a little extra in the piggy bank -- because ObamaCare is going to need a lot more help.

Don't want to pay? Tough. Don't have the money? Too bad. The key word here is sacrifice -- and you're playing the part of the lamb while the Washington party rolls on.

The little Bolsheviks behind ObamaCare claim one of the ways they'll pay for their socialist medicine scheme is through cost savings...like eliminating the $60 billion lost each year to Medicare fraud.

There's just one problem: We've either got the world's smartest crooks, or the Keystone Kops have been placed in charge of catching them.

Two years into a major crackdown on Medicare freeloaders, fraudsters and other crooks...and we've got practically nothing to show for it. Medicare fraud prosecutions were up just 2 percent last year.

That's it -- 2 percent.

Since this crackdown began under President Bush in 2007, it's proof that failure is truly a bipartisan effort. That's two different administrations who've tried -- and failed -- to rein in Medicare fraud.

And as a taxpayer, you're getting the bill three times over. The first bill is for those $60 billion in fraudulent claims paid each year. The second bill is to pay for all those Kops, investigators and prosecutors who aren't cracking down on it (I'm sure they're enjoying those nice offices in Miami, though). And the third bill will come due with ObamaCare -- when you'll be forced to pony up extra bucks because the savings never materialized.

I've done the math. For many Americans, their monthly ObamaCare bills will be the biggest cost in their household -- even more expensive than mortgage payments, and that's if you believe the numbers they're throwing around right now.

Trust me, it'll be more -- a lot more.

Remove those imaginary savings from the equation, and when the real bill comes due, no health-care system in the world will be able to ease the pain.

They can't seem to find the freeloaders and fraudsters -- but they'll sure as heck find you. And then, Obama's call for change will turn into cries of, "Buddy, can you spare some change?"

That's not the only trouble Big Brother's brewing for you... keep reading to find out how they're tracking your babies.

Baby DNA kept on file...forever

Big Brother is watching you...and he's keeping an even closer eye on your baby.

Docs routinely turn every delivery room into a CSI scene by scraping up baby DNA and sending it out for government- mandated tests without the parents' consent or knowledge.

Welcome to the Brave New World, kid -- where your future has already been written.

Think I'm exaggerating? They're already using that DNA to screen the poor thing for diseases, then sharing the results with your insurance company. These tests usually don't even reveal what the kid has -- just what he has the potential to have.

But you know insurance companies. They're always on the lookout for preexisting conditions.

Those samples are also shared with researchers. Again, don't expect to find a permission slip in the mail.

But that's not even close to the worst of it, because a recent report on CNN shows that at least nine states -- including Florida, California and Michigan -- keep those DNA samples indefinitely.

The rest store them for periods of time ranging from a few months to a few decades -- but the genie's out of this beaker. Once they have that sample, they can do whatever they want with it...for as long as they want.

If they find a disease risk, they can drug you up regardless of whether you actually have the condition. If employers get access to that data, they'll hire and fire based on what they know about your DNA. Maybe someday they'll find a criminal gene...so they can arrest you before you've committed a crime.

I know some of you are saying, "But they'd never do that!"

Hold your outrage and go get your Social Security card. Take a good look at those numbers. You probably have them memorized.


When they were created in 1935, those numbers were never meant to be used for personal identification. Now just look at this monster they've created. All you need is a name and those nine digits and you can peek into anyone's life...or ruin it.

But those are just numbers. Think of how much more they could do with your DNA.

If you're not scared yet, you should be.

Keeping watch over Big Brother.


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