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Monday, October 10, 2005

Powerline commenting on Arlen Specters' implication that the constitution may be too complicated for Harriet Miers when he said, "When you deal in constitutional law, you're dealing in some very esoteric, complicated subjects that require a great deal of background," Specter said. "The jurisprudence is very complicated, and I will be pressing her very hard on these issues."

"Yes, it's very complicated to explain why the Constitutional right of "privacy," which the document never mentions, means that states can't prohibit abortion, which the document also never mentions--except, of course, during the first three months of pregnancy--but only starting in 1973, after Supreme Court justices, legislators, and pretty much everyone else failed to notice anything about abortion in the Constitution for around 180 years. Yes, that's esoteric and complicated, all right."


  • Yes, quite so

    In the first place, the jurisprudence should not be all that complicated Senator. As Powerline points out, it only gets complicated when you want to make it say something it does not say.

    In the second place, having thereby revealed your own intellectual arrogance you provide credence to the otherwise ridiculous charge that Republican opposition to Miers is rooted in elitism. One wonders how we have survived so long under the auspices of a document we common people are incapable of understanding without the help of you and others of superior intellect. Given your point, Senator, what are we to make of the peoples original ratification of the Constitution replete with its esoteric complications? Were there available at the time others such as yourself to explain to them what they were doing? If not, does that uninformed ratification by those lacking the proper background have any validity?

    In the third place, it was a predictable mistake to allow you to serve as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and to provide you the support you so desperately needed to be re-elected Senator from Pennsylvania. You and too many others like you are a net loss for the Republican party

    By Anonymous Anotmo, at 9:21 AM  

  • I have nothing to add, Anotmo. You have said it all.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 9:52 AM  

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