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Friday, November 11, 2005


Curt Weldon: Second Datamining Operation Aware of Atta Before 9/11

WELDON: ”But we have something new….. Dr. Bob Johnson is a professor and IT expert. Dr. Bob Johnson was the manager and operator of the Garland Unit of Data Mining separate from the Army’s [leeway?]. Dr. Bob Johnson has not talked to any of the Able Danger players since the efforts that were taking place in ‘99 and 2000 and Dr. Bob Johnson told me that his unit also identified Mohammed Atta not by photo but by name before 9/11..”

Other points: -Garland’s Data was sent to SOCOM. -Able Danger’s Data was destroyed because Army did not want SOCOM to have info.

Weldon has asked for a criminal investigation. View video here.

Source: Political Teen


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