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Friday, February 17, 2006

Media Hysteria

By Hugh Hewitt
From Beyond the News

The vice president's hunting accident last week quickly turned from a story with a humorous edge to a more serious one due to the medical complications experienced by the vice president's friend Harry Whittington. If Mr. Whittington recovers fully, as he is expected to do, the jokes will return. In the meantime, though, the public has all the facts and the story ought to move off the front pages.

But it won't because of a hysteria in the White House press room, a fervor and a fury demonstrating the vanity of that pampered bunch, who have shown a mob-like rage at not having been the first to know of the accident. As this week's spectacles from the press briefings have again demonstrated, the big media talking heads are rabidly anti-Bush and eager for a scandal. When the Washington Post columnist compared the accident to Chappaquiddick, a new low had been reached.

There isn't much if anything more to be learned about the accident, but we are getting another lesson in media bias.


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