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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

That She is... that she is....

Beyond the News
Anger as a Badge of Honor?
—Michael Medved

A recent exchange about the role of anger in political leadership may define the presidential race of 2008. Republican Chairman Ken Mehlman described Hillary Clinton as "too angry" to win election, but the New York senator shot back that she wore her anger "as a badge of honor," suggesting that the misdeeds of the Bush administration required an angry response.

She apparently forgot that the most significant world figure unequivocally associated with public rage was Adolph Hitler--hardly a role model. Truly great leaders display restraint, self-mastery and optimism. Dr. Martin Luther King, for instance, responded to enemies with gentle firmness.

The iconic figures for both Republicans and Democrats--Presidents Reagan and FDR--showed their genial dispositions even in moments of crisis.

Anger hurts politicians, rather than helping them, indicating powerlessness and instability. If Hillary runs as the candidate of anger, she's a sure loser.


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