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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Birds and the Bees: A Complex Subject?

CNN's Costello Gets a Science Lesson: Embryos Are 'Not Fertilized?'

During a July 18th segment on the science behind stem cell research with CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, American Morning substitute host Carol Costello displayed a shocking lack of knowledge of basic reproductive science. Costello was questioning Cohen on what federal funding for stem cell research would mean for those who had frozen embryos. Cohen explained that scientists with federal grants would seek out these embryos, and it would be up to individuals to decide whether or not to make a donation. Costello showed her confusion on the topic with this question:

Cohen: 'These are four-day old embryos. We’re talking about very tiny, tiny embryos.'

Costello: 'And they’re not fertilized either, right?'" Read more.


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