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Thursday, September 21, 2006

John Murtha: Meet the New Boss. . .

"Murtha won his reputation by setting up a neat, closed circle of largesse......... [snip]

Paul Magliochetti, a ten-year appropriations staffer with Murtha, now runs the defense lobby powerhouse PMA Consulting. At least one other former Murtha aide, Julie Giardina, also works at PMA. Even at a time of heightened scrutiny, the firm wins millions in defense earmarks for their clients, and those firms are regularly among Murtha's top campaign donors.

In 2006, for instance, five of Murtha's top 10 contributing companies were PMA and its clients. That year, PMA won over $95 million in earmarks for its clients, at least in part with Murtha's help.

Carmen Scialabba, a 27-year veteran of Murtha's staff, is now a lobbyist winning defense appropriations for clients with KSA Consulting. And alongside him at KSA is Robert 'Kit' Murtha, the congressman's brother. (The firm's web site does not list him as an employee -- but a Google search returns his profile still active on the site, and a call to KSA's office confirmed he is still connected to the organization.)

Together, they have roped in clients looking for defense earmarks, bringing in contributions to Murtha and hauling out taxpayer dollars with Murtha's assistance -- over $20 million in 2005." Read more.


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