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Monday, May 21, 2007


By Hugh Hewitt

It is no secret that the left in America loathe talk radio--it is the medium where the conservative counter-revolution in media was launched and where huge audiences gather daily to hear Rush, Sean, Bill Bennett, Dennis Prager, Laura Ingraham and Michael Medved and, yes, me. We have succeeded in building large audiences and profitable shows. Hosts from the left side of the spectrum have not been able to achieve these results.

Not surprisingly, noises have been heard coming from the democratic-controlled Congress about legislating censorship for the radio via the Orwellian-named "fairness doctrine." This relic from the days of limited broadcast outlets demand "fairness" in the coverage of all issues--which in practice means no issue discussion at all. The censorship being discussed on Capitol Hill has one aim--to shut down the free flow of information and wide open debate.

Hugh suggests we contact our congressman and senators and tell them to keep their hands off the radio dial. We probably should. So get active - call them, email them.

While we are at it we should bend their ears a great deal on the sad immigration bill they are trying to ram home before Memorial day. Setting artificial deadlines whereby they "must" get something done, doing it behind closed doors, without the usual discussion and committee hearings is damn maddening.

You know if Teddy Kennedy is for it, it's a bad deal. We know Bush will sign it, because he is out in left field with this issue.

Jed Babbin of Human Events says we "have to do to the immgration bill what we did to the Supreme Court nomination of Hapless Harriet" .... we need to Make it a Miers Moment.

John Fund, writing for Opinion Journal echoes my sentiments exactly with his opinion piece, Don't Run for the Border: America needs comprehensive immigration reform, but not a law enacted in haste.


  • The irony here is that the failure of all Liberal talk radio shows is, itself, proof of what the Liberals/MSM continues to deny, i.e. the MSM is biased to the left. It is just a simply matter of supply and demand. As I recall it is called the 'marginal propensity to consume'. That is the measure of how much unsatisfied demand exists in the market for a particular product. If there is no unsatisfied demand for a particular product, a new business offering that product is destined to failure. That is the case with left biased news coverage; the demand for it is currently saturated by the MSM. There is no marginal propensity to consume more.

    The only way around this free market certainty is to offer a better product which can then absorb an inferior products market share but even then the total size of the market does not increase. That not even the leftwing fanatics like Al Franken have been able to do so is just further evidence of how far left the MSM product is.

    But who expects Liberals to understand free market dynamics?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:35 AM  

  • Ah ... yes.... propensity to consume. As one having an econ minor, I do remember this from my Consumer Economics 101 course in my first year of college.

    As for the left's denial of the MSM's leftward bias and lack of understanding of market dynamics (or could it be another case of denial - denial that supply and demand and free market, i.e. capitalism, actually works) we must remember that to be liberal is to deny reality.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 4:25 PM  

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