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Friday, October 12, 2007

The AP's Anti-Christian Bigotry

By Michael Medved

An October 6th story from Associated Press began with a lead paragraph that proclaimed: "Alexandria, Louisiana--A 63-year-old Baptist deacon shot five people in a law office here on Thursday, killing two, before being killed by police officers."

The report later suggests, "anger over a divorce settlement may have prompted the shooting," and notes the killer was a "retired city maintenance worker." Why, then, did AP decide to stress his status as a "Baptist deacon"--not a professional position, but a volunteer activity? Wouldn't it seem odd if they began their story by describing the murderer as a golfer or a Rotarian?

If Associated Press began their account by identifying the perpetrator as African American, decent people would protest--recognizing bigotry in a choice to stress race over professional background, family status, or anything else.

Doesn?t the choice to spotlight a killer?s participation in a Baptist church demonstrate the same sort of bigotry?


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