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Monday, November 26, 2007

Commentary: The False Conservative

By Robert D. Novak
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is a frightening problem for the Republican Party. The Republican presidential hopeful is campaigning as a conservative, but serious Republicans know that he is a high-tax, protectionist, big-government advocate of a strong hand in the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans. Huckabee simply does not fiti n normal boundaries of economic conservatism...

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  • It's all about the almoighty dollar then?

    Get real..."serious Republicans"?

    Don't you mean "serious establishmentarians"?

    Huckabee has better conservative credentials than any other major candidate.

    Wake the hell up.

    The attacks against him are being supplies by those who have hated him since he first ran for Lt. Governor...Max Brantley and the extreme left in Arkansas.

    Clue: The left HATES Huckabee.

    That means something to THIS conservative!

    By Blogger Al-Ozarka, at 7:12 AM  

  • First of all, Al-O: YOU wake the hell up.

    Perhaps this was the first time you visited MY blog and while it is appreciated that you stopped by AND took the time to leave a comment, there is obviously a FEW things you don't know.

    1. THIS IS my blog
    2. I WILL post what I want
    3. I AM a conservative; not a Republican
    4. Over the last decade, I have voted Republican, largely because of default. The Dems have left the reservation.
    5. I am undecided as to whom the Republican candidate should be at this point, but I will vote for the Republican candidate, Huckabee included, come election time.
    6. The commentary was not written by me. It was clearly credited to Robert Novak complete with TWO LINKS that you could have clicked on to read the whole article, which you apparently did not do. Novak IS NOT part of the left hate machine.
    7. Instead of politely refuting the points discussed by Novak, you went into attack mode - like the left does. Shame on you.
    8. The left hates MORE THAN just Huckabee.
    9. Take a deep breath and a valium, if needed, and post again; but please with dignity, thoughtfullness, civility and some facts would be nice.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 10:13 AM  

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