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Heavy-Handed Politics

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Senate Should Stay Out of Religion

By Hugh Hewitt

Did you feel a bit of a chill recently? You should have if you are a churchgoer.

Iowa Senator and Republican Charles Grassley has launched a broadside against Christian televangelists who he thinks may have robbed their followers. He may be right, but it is not his job or the government's to decide, and his jihad against churches ought to end.

Unfortunately, fraud exists in the Church today. But in America we have never allowed the government to sort out which preachers are to be trusted and which are not. I am certain that I agree with Senator Grassley on the character of some of his targets, but I do not want him or any member of the federal government outside of the IRS sitting in judgment of these preachers. And the IRS only in very narrow and very carefully controlled circumstances.

People of faith, and people of no faith but who put their faith in freedom, need to send a message to Senator Grassley: Cease and desist from this witch hunt. It's not your job, or the job of any other government official to decide who and who is not legitimate as a preacher.


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