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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Separation of Church and State ??

Local columnist Katherine Kirsten wrote an article not to long ago for the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a charter school, questioning whether it should be getting public funds because it appeared to be a Muslim school, in her opinion.

Well not to the surprise of your humble blogging host, she was excoriated by the left, a number of them writing in to the editor and had their rambling diatribes posted in the letter-to-the-editor section.

Today she followed it up with another column, "Wall of Silence Broken at State's Muslim Public School" raising more concerns and has had a witness (a substitute teacher) come forward reinforcing some of Kerstens arguments and concerns about this school.

You can read it here. The column most likely has a short shelf life, so read it before it disappears.

World Net Daily has picked up on the controversy and they post an article today, "Teacher spills beans about publicly funded Islamic classes," and can be read here.


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