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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Lieberman Option
by Rich Lowry

A vice-presidential pick is always important, but John McCain confronts a starkly existential choice this year.

Is he running as a Republican or chiefly as a bipartisan deal-maker? Does he have a reasonable shot at victory, or face desperately long odds? Does he want a traditional administration -- with the option of running for re-election -- or something completely different?

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I feel like, at times, that I am living in an alternate universe. There are rumors that Lieberman (Dem/Independent) could be McCain's veep pick and rumors that Hagel (Repub) could be on Barack's list of veeps. What the heck? Wouldn't that be something?

Although I do believe it would be a much more likely scenario that Lieberman would be selected than Hagle.


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