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Friday, February 03, 2006

Tolerance: A Matter of Closing Your Eyes, Shutting Your Mouth, and Plugging Your Ears?

Or, ........ wait. Or, did I just describe political correctness?

Most of us are aware by now ( I have not addressed the topic before) of the madness that has transpired over the cartoon of Mohammed wearing a turban-bomb on his head by a Danish cartoonist.

While I don't find it particularly humorous, and it certainly does not help ease tensions between many Mulims and the West, and in fact only serves perhaps to fan the flames of our current environment of uneasiness, the reaction - the anger displayed by those who oppose the cartoon has been over the top.

A rational, sane, well-adjusted, peaceful, loving person does not threaten death, commit acts of violence, nor kill, over a freeking cartoon. And anyone who does, is not a rational, sane, well-adjusted, peace-loving person. Sorry, there is no rational argument against this statement.

It is due to their ignorance that they don't know (or willful denial?) that attacks on Christianity right here in the United States has been going on for a very long time. Wow, man, it's soooo sixties. Secular Blasphemy has a post regarding an art show/exhibit that has been created that is anti-Christian, complete with one example. Don't go there if you are easily offended by the "f-word".

Many Muslims are indignant and ask how we would like these kinds of attacks and cartoons debasing our religion. Why.... they would never do that to us, right?

Stephen Pollard

On further reflection, the Danes should surely apologise for the cartoons and for their media in general. The Islamic press would never, ever publish a cartoon which might conceivably offend another religion's believers. Never, ever.

This cartoon, for instance, would never, ever appear in Al-Quds: (Hat tip to Barcepundit)

Tom Gross has more examples of cartoons which would never, ever appear. (He has bandwith problems right now, so good luck in getting through.)

Barcepundit also notes:

"A JORDANIAN EDITOR decided to run the Mohammed cartoons, and bluntly defended his action:
The paper's editor, Jihad El Momeni, had something very interesting to say. "What insults Islam more?" he asked in his editorial. "a foreigner who drew the prophet or a Muslim who donned a bomb belt and committed suicide in the midst of a wedding party in Amman or anywhere else?"

"What forces the world more to blaspheme Islam, cartoon drawings or a real beheading scene of a hostage with the cry of "Allahu Akbar" being heard in the background?" El Momeni asked.
Today he has been fired."

Ah, yes, HeavyHanded loves to see tolerance and freedom of expression at work.

A ray of hope? Lost Budgie posts "Muslim Canadian Congress Re Cartoons: 'Proven: Muslims ARE A Violent People' " and links to a story "Cartoons offensive, but so is violence, Canadian Muslims say"

Photo: Nasser Ishtayeh/AP

out of Canada reported in the Globe and Mail by Colin Perkel. I wonder if he will get to keep his job.


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