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Heavy-Handed Politics

"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Saturday, January 15, 2005

From Cox & Forkum

Friday, January 14, 2005

Nothing More American

Bush "goes it alone"......"he's a unilateralist".....he engages in "cowboy economics"...he's nothing more than a "cowboy". We have heard it all before, too many times. Well who says being a cowboy is a bad thing? This says it all........

Why does the vast majority on the left continue to deny the fact that universities are overwhelmingly liberal from the administration and on down to the professorial ranks? It is so obvious.

According to David Horowitz, recently, "one of the most liberal columnists [ Ellen Goodman] in the nation sounded the alarm to her political allies, claiming that [his] efforts to promote academic freedom and intellectual diversity on college campuses are the greatest threats to their agendas."

Horowitz writes that Goodman is a leftwing syndicated columnist who writes for The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and "dozens of elitist papers". Goodman writes, “While many of us assume that the right is busily targeting the highest court as their last unoccupied power base, a whole subset of conservatives is after higher education.”

Goodman continues,“One group led by David Horowitz has been pushing an ‘academic bill of rights’ aimed at what is called liberal bias.”

According to Horowitz, his "Bill of rights" is really is a viewpoint of neutrality. He claims his 'bill of rights' would "protect leftwing students from harassment by conservative professors and conservative students from harassment by 'liberal” professor'. However, the facts are, says Horowitz, " thanks to a 30-year blacklist imposed by the left, 90% of college professors are political leftists, and in the coming years this imbalance is going to get even worse."

This lefty journalist admits to having a "stranglehold on campuses" says Horowitz, when she cites in her article::

* “Two new studies point to campuses as oases of blue [state, liberal thinking]. The first, a survey of 1,000 academics, shows that there are seven Democrats for every Republican in the humanities and social sciences. The Democrat-Republican odds are 30 to 1 in anthropology and even 3 to 1 in economics.”
* “A second study of voter registration records shows that Democrats outnumber Republicans 9 to 1 on the faculties of` Berkeley and Stanford.”
* “And as a side dish, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that the biggest donors to John Kerry’s campaign were employees from the University of California and from Harvard.”

Says Horowitz: "Goodman can’t refute what we know to be true; college campuses have become a one-party state where leftists rule." Adding, "after years of almost complete leftist domination of the campuses, we are beginning to turn things around."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

This stomach churning subject comes up every so often and each time it has the same nauseating affect on me. From the guys at Powerline, they write:

"Today, the Associated Press reports on a televised debate between Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Stephen Breyer on this topic. Justice Scalia argued that it is "arrogant" for American judges to mold the Constitution to fit their concept of enlightened world-wide opinion. But Justice Breyer was breathtakingly candid about the role that he thinks foreign countries should play in dictating American law:"

Breyer responded that international opinion can be relevant in determining fundamental freedoms in a more global society.

"U.S. law is not handed down from on high even at the U.S. Supreme Court," he said. "The law emerges from a conversation with judges, lawyers, professors and law students. ... It's what I call opening your eyes as to what's going on elsewhere."

Judges?? Lawyers?? Professors? and Law students??

There are times when our government just leaves me scratching my head in bewilderment. Like here where Michelle Malkin writes:

"I wish I were making this up. From Scripps Howard:"

The federal government wants to change its current rules to permit convicted arsonists to get special licenses so they can drive gasoline tankers and trucks loaded with explosives and hazardous materials..."Arson is not always an act of terrorism," the Transportation Security Administration declared in proposing the new regulations that would permit the agency to review on a case-by-case basis whether convicted arsonists should get the special licenses allowing them to drive gasoline trucks, or other vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

Under the Patriot Act, the TSA - a branch of the new Department of Homeland Security - was directed to issue special federal certifications to the commercial licenses held by truck drivers who haul hazardous chemicals, gasoline tankers and explosives.

The government plans to begin issuing the new licenses Jan. 31. it estimates it will receive more than 2 million applications for the certifications...

"On the, uh, bright side:"

[M]urderers and convicted racketeers will no longer be permitted to drive hazardous materials on the nation's interstates.

"Nice to know we have some standards."

From Charles at LGF
Kerry Kowtows to Despots and Islamists

"Fresh from his whirlwind tour of Arab dictatorships in Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, and Egypt, John Kerry wants us to know that they are very frustrated with US policies."

CAIRO (Reuters) - Middle East countries are frustrated by U.S. policy in Iraq and feel too little is being done to end violence there, U.S. Senator John Kerry said on Wednesday on a visit to the region.

Kerry repeatedly criticized the Bush administration’s Iraq policy during his failed bid to win the U.S. presidency from George W. Bush, who led the invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

“All of the countries of the region have a significant stake in the outcome and yet they are frustrated,” Kerry said in Cairo, where he met Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

“They are frustrated because they don’t feel that the steps necessary to be able to advance the stability of Iraq are really being taken,” he said.

"ArabicNews.com says Kerry “admitted the US committed terrible mistakes,” in a meeting with the Grand Imam of Al Azhar University: Kerry to Al Azhar Grand Imam: Washington commited terrible mistakes in Iraq".

Meantime, Kerry admitted that the US committed terrible mistakes in Iraq. During a meeting on Wednesday with grand Imam of Al Azhar Mohamad Sayed Tantawi, Kerry regretted the difficult conditions in Iraq.

The Grand Imam urged all Iraqis to take part in the coming elections to be held on January 30. On his part, Kerry appreciated Al Azhar’s prestigious position all over the world, pointing out that there was a common ground between Islam and Christianity.

"The Grand Imam of Al Azhar is on record supporting suicide bombing as a legitimate form of “resistance” against “occupiers.”

He has also said that suicide attacks against coalition forces in Iraq are permitted under Islamic law.

I am now feeling an immense sense of relief that John Kerry is not President of the United States."

You and me both Charles, you and me both.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

UN vows not to squander disaster aid

Stung by findings of costly mismanagement in Iraq, the United Nations assured the world yesterday that its billion-dollar tsunami assistance programme would be open to the most rigorous checks.

From the Telegraph. Full story.

From World Net Daily

Only 34 percent of Americans believe the United Nations should be in charge of international relief efforts for victims of the South Asia tsunami that killed more than 150,000 people Dec. 26, according to a survey.

The Rasmussen Reports poll of 1,000 adults also found 83 percent believe the United States is generous when confronted with the emergency needs of other nations.

Full article here.