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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Get Your Priorities Right

A rationalist crusader does the math on global warming.

NEW YORK--Bjorn Lomborg is a political scientist by training, but the charismatic, golden-haired Dane is offering me a history lesson. Two hundred years ago, he explains, sitting forward in his chair in this newspaper's Manhattan offices, the left was an 'incredibly rational movement.' It believed in 'encyclopedias,' in hard facts, and in the idea that mastery of these basics would help 'make a better society.' Since then, the world's do-gooders have succumbed to 'romanticism; they've become more dreamy.' This is a problem in his view, and so this 'self-avowed slight lefty' is determined to nudge the whole world back toward 'rationalism.' " Read more at OpinionJournal.

A good read. Practical. Common sense.

Pyongyang Highlight Reel

Kim Jong Il's negotiating history, and ours.

North Korea's Kim Jong Il joined our Independence Day celebrations this week by firing several medium-range missiles and one long-range Taepodong-2 missile, the latter capable of reaching Seattle had it not blown up a few seconds into its flight. The 'Dear Leader' now threatens to conduct more tests. What does he want?" More at OpinionJournal.

House told criminals swelling alien tide / Charles Hurt
Most of the people who sneak across the border are no longer good people in search of honest work, the sheriff of a border county in Texas told a House subcommittee yesterday, but rather criminals who belong to gangs and drug cartels.

The Real Inconvenient Truth

Combating hunger, disease should be higher priority than global warming

"Talk about the politics of fear: Al Gore's movie seeks to terrify us about global warming.

Well, let's concede that human activity is affecting the climate, even though we don't really understand everything about it. But here's the rub: To follow the prescriptions (Kyoto, etc.) of global warming alarmists like Gore would mean huge economic and industrial constraints, imposing colossal costs, which would fall heavily on the backs of the world's poor." More at TimesUnion.com

Friday, July 07, 2006

North Korea forfeits aid after missile launches

Guardian Unlimited
"South Korean ministers today announced they were halting food aid to North Korea and the Japanese government threatened 'severe measures' following the communist regime's missile tests earlier this week.

Shoichi Nakagawa, Japan's minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, also suggested the Pyongyang government should repay rice aid worth 7bn yen (£33m) provided in 1995 as a 30-year loan.

'I feel sorry for the people who are starving but we have absolutely no plans to provide food aid to North Korea,' he said. 'We should also take measures as severe as possible on [North Korean] imports and exports to step up the pressure.' " Story.

Arrests over Philippine mutiny

Philippine police arrest six army officers allegedly linked to a failed mutiny against President Gloria Arroyo. Read on...

EU says disputed Mexico vote fair

EU election monitors say they saw no irregularities in last Sunday's hotly disputed presidential election. Read on...

U.S.: Leading Militant Captured in Iraq



Iraqi soldiers captured a militant leader and more than 30 insurgents were killed or wounded Friday in a gunbattle in eastern Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

The military said the gunfight erupted after Iraqi forces came under during a raid in the Shiite slum of Sadr City." Story.

Why is The NEA interjecting themselves into the gay marriage issue?

NEA Approves Pro-Homosexual Resolution
The nation's largest teachers' union voted to amend its resolutions Wednesday to include support for homosexual "marriage." The amendment, which met with harsh criticism from conservative family groups, passed with little resistance from delegates...

Like Predecessor, UN's New Rights Body Targets Israel
Following a trend adopted by its discredited predecessor, the U.N.'s new Human Rights Council ended its first-ever "special session" Thursday with a resolution condemning Israel over the crisis in the Gaza Strip...

"When the going gets tough, the tough do not hold more hearings." —John Tierney

"The U.S. Supreme Court has now blown a hole in the animating principle behind the Geneva Conventions by choosing to elevate an enemy that disdains the laws of war in order to facilitate the bombing of civilian targets and the beheading of individuals. The argument made by Justice John Paul Stevens is an Alice-In-Jihadland ruling that stands the Conventions on their head in order to give words the precise opposite of their plain meaning and intent." —Mark Steyn

"It seems now that the place where you see the most obvious censorship is on college campuses—the precise place where you would expect to see the least." —Alan Charles Kors

"Only mediocrity can be trusted to be always at its best." —Sir Max Beerbohm

The Estate Tax

"The debate over the estate tax continues to rage, with most Americans coming down solidly against the tax. Generally, it's the loud and rich who support America's death tax. Warren Buffett, for example, showed his true colors recently by giving a very large charitable gift to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His intentions, however, weren't wholly benevolent. The gift was his way out of paying $17 billion in taxes when his bell tolls. Meanwhile, he advocates the estate tax for everyone else.

The death tax hits many Americans hard, destroying dreams of family-owned businesses. Only one in ten family businesses makes it to the third generation due to the tax. It accounts for merely 1.2 percent of federal receipts ($28 billion), but costs the economy more than $60 billion in compliance costs according to Congress' Joint Economic Committee. The only winners are hypocrites like Buffett—those who have enough money and time to shelter their assets."

Source: The Patriot Post

Emphasis mine-HH

"When left-wing judges take it upon themselves to legislate from the bench, liberals are quick to say that the Constitution is a living document and that it has to evolve to accommodate a changing world. However, whenever a conservative suggests that the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to any person born in America, ought to be changed in order to deny that gift to those born to illegal aliens, those same people carry on as if the Constitution, like the 10 Commandments, was carved in stone."

L.A. Times columnist Burt Prelutsky

"And as with the New York Times' treasonous outing of the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program this week, the price to be paid in American lives and extinguished liberty is yet uncounted.

We have a problem in this country. It's a good thing we have a "new media". Because the old one is fitting your daughter for her burqa."

-Rod D. Martin, Founder and Chairman of TheVanguard.Org.

WorldTribune.com: U.S. reveals missile defense system deployed in Gulf


Washington - U.S. reveals missile defense system deployed in Qatar.
Officials said the Patriot, with PAC-3 configuration, was deployed during the U.S.-led war in Iraq and enhanced amid the emerging missile and nuclear threat from Iran. They said the system was meant to protect U.S. military assets in the Gulf emirate, located about 250 kilometers from Iran.

The stationing of the Patriot was disclosed in a June 30 announcement by the Defense Department. The Pentagon awarded a $7.6 million contract to repair the Patriot system in Qatar and other army bases abroad as well as in the United States. Story.

Hamas seeks Iran missiles that could reach Tel Aviv

"The sources said the PA has appealed to Iran and Hizbullah to ship either the Fajr-4 or Fajr-5 rocket to the Gaza Strip. The sources said the Hamas-led PA believes that the Fajr, smuggled from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to the Gaza Strip, could help deter an Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip." Story.

On Venezuela's refined prosecution of political dissidents
V Crisis - London,England,UK
... a week long walk that ended in Brussels, where we delivered a petition to different EU authorities requesting support for free and fair elections in Venezuela. ...

About Attachment:
"Every man who loves peace, every man who loves his country, every man who loves liberty ought to have it ever before his eyes that he may cherish in his heart a due attachment to the Union of America."

—James Madison

About Detachment:
Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines:
"The entire country may disagree with me, but I don't understand the necessity for patriotism. Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but as for loving the whole country... I don't see why people care about patriotism."

"Patriotism is not chic in the circles of those who assume the role of citizens of the world, whether they are discussing immigration or giving aid and comfort to the enemy in wartime." —Thomas Sowell

Muslims say 'never again' but Britons still fearful


LONDON -- Today, one year after London's worst terror attack since World War II, organizers of a large Muslim convention say such an atrocity 'must never happen again.'
But fears of a recurrence lurk just below the surface in the nation's psyche.
That sense of foreboding deepened yesterday when Al Jazeera television broadcast a previously unseen video in which one of the four suicide bombers who killed 52 bus and subway commuters last July 7 warned of worse attacks." Story.

Democrats divided over Lieberman

"Democrats have become increasingly divided over whether to support Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who finds himself in a close senatorial primary race against a more liberal opponent." Story.

Confidence lags in Afghanistan as violence rises

Islamist terrorism in Afghanistan is on the rise, aided by foreign support and by the struggles of the government in Kabul to deliver on promises of security and development, the nation's foreign minister said yesterday. Story.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


A hillarious post (the intent was serious) from The Democratic Underground website. Heh, heh. I am not much of a believer in "black helicopter" theories ...... but this one ..... is a hoot. Check out the "scientific" experiment.

Japan wants missile defense 'as soon as possible': defense chief

"Japan wants to develop a joint missile defense system with the United States as quickly as possible following North Korea's missile tests, the Japanese defense chief said.

'Along with the establishment of a surveillance radar network, we want to work with the United States to build an interception mechanism as soon as possible,' Defense Agency chief Fukushiro Nukaga told parliament, as quoted by Kyodo News." DETAILS.

A Walking Argument in the Stem Cell Debate

By Janet Parshall

Jacki Rabon is a lovely, young, 18-year-old who suffered severe injuries in a car accident in 2003. The incident left her paralyzed. Her future seemed grim until Jacki was put in touch with Dr. Carlos Lima of Portugal. Dr. Lima took adult stems cells derived from Jacki's nose and placed them in her spinal column. Now Jacki is no longer wheelchair bound but walks with braces and a walker. Dr. Lima's astounding work can be found in the peer-reviewed Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine.

Jacki's story underscores the profound successes that are being discovered in adult stem cells as opposed to embryonic stem cells, which ends in the destruction of a life. Researchers at the University of Calgary found that stem cells from adult skin can be transplanted into mouse models and generate bone, muscle and even heart tissue. Some in Congress need to be convinced that adult stem cells are the answer, not embryonic cells. Jacki Rabon doesn't need to be convinced--she walks with that truth everyday.

NYC Mayor Called 'Blooming Idiot' for Supporting Illegal Aliens
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is "a blooming idiot" for giving testimony on Wednesday that supports illegal aliens while attacking the rights of American gun owners, a pro-gun group has charged...

Rocket's Red Glare

Not-so-crazy Kim tells the world to pay up one more time.
Opinion Journal

"North Korea's missile tests also point up the need for improved missile defenses, both regionally and in the U.S. South Korea announced last week the purchase of upgraded Patriot missiles from Germany. Japan is working closely with Washington to improve its fledgling missile defenses, including an agreement last week to allow the Pentagon to deploy Patriots at a U.S. base in Okinawa.

But nothing the U.S. and Japan might do is likely to accomplish much if China and South Korea refuse to pressure the North to abandon its nuclear program. This is what happens when a non-transparent, authoritarian regime is appeased long enough for it to acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The mullahs in Tehran have already absorbed that lesson. Iran, and other states that are considering going nuclear, will be closely watching how the world responds to Kim Jong Il's latest provocation." Read more.

I don't think it bothers Russia or China that much to have Kim Jong Il acting like the raving lunatic that he is. It keeps the U.S. preoccupied and unfocused on other matters. It is to their advantage to have us distracted and pulled inseveral directions ..... Iraq, North Korea, Iran for starters.

North Korea's Allies Resist Action in Security Council
- Moves to punish North Korea for firing a series of missiles are, as expected, running into hurdles in the United Nations Security Council, where Russia and China are loathe to consider the imposition of sanctions -- or even a council resolution...

Court finds a right to jihad in the Constitution

By Mark Steyn

There are several ways to fight a war. On the one hand, you can put on a uniform, climb into a tank, rumble across a field and fire on the other fellows' tank. On the other, you can find a 12-year-old girl, persuade her to try on your new suicide-bomber belt and send her waddling off into the nearest pizza parlor. Read on.

Immigration Foes Gain Ground As Lawmakers Stall Negotiations


While congressional committees held dueling hearings across the country on immigration reform, support in the Senate for its own version grew shakier.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ga., have refused to sign off on a procedure needed to allow House and Senate conferees to finish the reform bill.

The two want assurances that the final product will more nearly resemble the tougher House-passed version.

This follows a signal by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., that he is willing to lean in that direction during the House-Senate conference.

The developments suggest momentum is with lawmakers who favor a bill that focuses on border security and enforcement and disdains any guest-worker or earned- legalization program. Full story.

The Rotten Fruit Of Appeasement

Motivated by Madeline Albright's recent interview with Larry King and her moronic comments about the current state of affairs and the present administration's failures in dealing with North Korea (while getting a pass on the failures of the Clinton administration and her own ineptitude), Investors Business Daily has an article, The Rotten Fruit Of Appeasement that supplies us with this timeline:

"• 1993: North Korea threatens to leave the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. After conducting U.N. inspections there for a year and a half, former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Hans Blix warns he can't provide 'any meaningful assurances' North Korea isn't making nuclear weapons.

• 1994: Under the 'Agreed Framework' negotiated by the Clinton administration with help of ex-President Carter, North Korea agrees to stop building nuclear weapons. In exchange, it gets billions in aid, including food, oil and modern nuclear reactors.

By 2000, according to a congressional report, North Korea would become the 'largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid' in Asia. North Korea immediately starts cheating on the deal, acquiring nuclear know-how and material from Pakistan and China.

• 1998: A U.S. government report finds at least 1 million North Koreans have died of starvation as aid is used to kick-start the nuclear weapons program.

• 1998: Clinton's military chief of staff tells Congress North Korea has no active ballistic missile program. A week later, North Korea shoots a Taepodong-1 missile over Japan and toward Alaska.

• 1999: Clinton eases sanctions against North Korea. U.S. signs a $5 billion deal to build two nuclear reactors. North Korea diverts aid to speed WMD program. Mass starvation reportedly continues.

• 2000: Despite continued breaches of the 'agreed framework,' Albright travels to Pyongyang, where she cheerfully clinks glasses with Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il. Media hail the meeting as a diplomatic masterstroke by Clinton.

• 2002: New York Times headline: 'North Korea Says It Has A Program On Nuclear Arms.'"

Death for Somali Muslims who shirk prayers

With a tip of the hat to LGF for this story alert: "Somali Muslims who fail to perform daily prayers will be killed in accordance with Qur'anic law under a new edict issued by a leading cleric in the Islamic courts union that controls Mogadishu.

The requirement for Muslims to observe the five-times daily ritual under penalty of death was announced late on Wednesday and appears to confirm the hard-line nature of the increasingly powerful Sharia courts in the capital.

'He who does not perform prayers will be considered as infidel and Sharia law orders that that person be killed,' said Sheikh Abdalla Ali, a founder and high-ranking official in the Supreme Islamic Council of Somalia.

'Sharia law orders the killing of any Muslim person when he fails to perform prayers,' he said in an address at the opening of a new Islamic court in Mogadishu's southern Gubta neighbourhood.

Ali added that it was the duty of every Somali to implement the provisions of Sharia law, which when fully accepted would allow 'everybody to enjoy life based on peace and prosperity'." More.

Al-Qaeda 'bid to infiltrate British Security service MI5'

"Al-Qaeda sympathisers have been trying to infiltrate the British security service MI5, the BBC has learned.

Whitehall officials confirmed what some had long suspected, says BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner.

But those with al-Qaeda sympathies were weeded out during a six to eight-month vetting process, officials added.

Meanwhile anti-terrorism police probing the 7 July London bombings say people who knew the attacks were being planned would face prosecution.

Officers at a Scotland Yard briefing said they continued to be very concerned by the intelligence picture, with 70 investigations continuing and some of the information received described as 'very sinister'.

The head of the Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist branch, Peter Clarke, said 60 people were awaiting trial in the UK for terrorist-related offences.

But he warned: 'This is unprecedented, and the flow of new cases shows no sign of abating - if anything it is accelerating.'

MI5 believes, from polls, that around 400,000 people in the UK are 'sympathetic to violent jihad around the world', said Frank Gardner." Read more.

2 Somalis killed for watching World Cup

Yahoo! News

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Radical Islamic militia fighters in Somalia shot and killed two people who were watching a banned World Cup soccer broadcast, a radio station reported Wednesday.

The hard-line Muslim fighters, who have banned watching television, opened fire after a crowd of teenagers defied their orders to leave a hall where a businessman was showing Tuesday's Germany-Italy match on satellite television, according to Shabelle Radio, an independent local station. It said the businessman and a teenage girl were killed." Read on.

The Sun Online - News: Fanatic's sick 7/7 rant

The Sun Online

"A MUSLIM fanatic caused outrage yesterday by admitting he wouldn’t tip off cops about another 7/7 suicide attack.

Anjem Choudary also claimed “oppressed” Muslims had a right to defend themselves using “whatever means”.

Choudary, 38, right-hand man of exiled hate preacher Omar Bakri, repeatedly refused to condemn the 7/7 bombers at a press conference on the eve of the anniversary of the London blasts.

But when asked if he would inform the police of another suicide mission he said in Walthamstow, East London: 'No I wouldn’t. I don’t think Muslims can co-operate with police.' " Read on.


"Napier peace activist Christiaan Briggs is facing serious assault charges after he allegedly punched a rock singer in London, leaving the man in a coma." STORY.


From Scrappleface:
The United Nations Security Council, outraged at this week’s missile tests by a nuclear-capable North Korea, takes up debate today on a resolution to sanction that nation’s dictator with “one minute of time-out for each missile launched.”

According to a draft resolution being circulated by the Russian ambassador to the U.N., the time-out sanction would mean that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il would have to “sit still in a comfortable chair with his hands on his knees, and could not speak to anyone for a full seven minutes, unless he has to go to the bathroom, or get a drink, or if he gets a bellyache, at which point the U.N. would be compelled to provide humanitarian aide.”

The resolution calls for a U.N. team to travel to Pyongyang to monitor compliance.

Although the U.S., Japan and South Korea are said to support such an aggressive response, because it would force Mr. Kim to “think about what he has done,” China threatened to wield its veto power.

“Punishment does not correct behavior,” said an unnamed Chinese diplomat, “because the bad behavior springs from low self-esteem, and sanctions would only make Mr. Kim feel worse about himself.”

“We must find ways to catch Mr. Kim doing good things and then praise him for it,” the source said, “and if he continues to launch missiles, it should only increase our sympathy for him.”

A leading U.S. psychologist agreed with the Chinese strategy.

“It’s likely that Mr. Kim had a rough childhood,” said the unnamed expert, “since his Dad spent most of his time at work being revered as a god, and probably never said ‘I love you’ to little Kim.”

NY Times

In addition to spilling the beans on the NSA program and also on the Swift fund monitoring program, American Future points out an article in the Wall Street Journal (paid subscription) which reminds us that on December 15, 2001, a New York Times correspondent Philip Shenon "reported that, on the previous day, F.B.I. agents had raided the offices of two of the nation's largest Muslim charities—the Global Relief Foundation and the Benevolence International Foundation."

"According to federal officials, Shenon informed Global Relief's leaders that the FBI would soon raid its facility. Murdock quotes U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as having said this in a August 7, 2002 letter to the Times' legal department:

    It has been conclusively established that Global Relief Foundation learned of the search from reporter Philip Shenon of The New York Times . . . [this tip-off] seriously compromised the integrity of the investigation and potentially endangered the safety of federal law-enforcement personnel.

Two months before the raid, the Treasury Department added Global Relief to its list of designated organizations under Executive Order 13224.

Shenon is still working for the New York Times." (American Future)

Clearly, the NY Times is not working in the best interests of the United states.

Two die in El Salvador clash between police, students
People's Daily Online - Beijing,China
... reports. The students had gathered at the University of El Salvador to protest increases in electricity prices and transport fees. The ...

El Salvador's Cautionary Tale
Choice! Magazine - New York,NY,USA
... Today in El Salvador, abortion is completely illegal. It is not allowed under any circumstance, even to save a woman's life. In ...

Everyone Wants to Be Salvadoran
National Review Online Blogs - New York,NY,USA
... A court injunction issued in the 1980s enjoined the Immigration and Naturalization Service from swiftly ushering illegal aliens from El Salvador back to their ...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today Dennis Prager commented that the Democratic party is like a cult. I know this will raise some eyebrows, if not some downright gnashing of teeth. The reason he mentioned it was in the context of the Democrats abandoning Joe Lieberman.

Lest you have forgotten, it was a mere 6 years ago he was running for the number 2 spot on the Democratic ticket. He also is a 3 term Senator. He is, by no means, a moderate. His voting record is, in fact, quite liberal. So why the abandonment?

Because he is hawkish. He supports Bush on this one, and only one, policy. Specifically, he supports the war in Iraq and generally, the war on terror. And the Dems will not have this. They cannot tolerate this defection.

It was in this context of being cult-like that Dennis Prager was referring to. For in a cult, there is no room for anything but complete devotion to their cause; such is the case in todays' Democratic Party. If you do not submit entirely to the "visions" of the far left wing of their party, i.e. the George Soros and Michael Moore wing, the Dems will cast you out. You must submit to their Borg-like community for, as they say, "resistance is futile," in so much as you want to be part of the family.


--Hillary Won't Back Lieberman If He Loses Primary

--Lieberman May Declare 'Independence'

Tony Blair: Muslims Must Confront Militancy

"Britain cannot defeat terrorism unless moderate Muslims do more to confront militancy in their own communities, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday.

Blair said the vast majority of Muslims abhorred terrorism and wanted to defeat it, but said they had to do more to counter what he described as the extremists' misplaced anger and grievances.

Moderates, he said, must 'stand up against the ideas of these people, not just their methods.'

'If you want to defeat this extremism, you've got to defeat its ideas and you've got to defeat in part a completely false sense of grievance against the West,' said Blair, testifying before a House of Commons committee. 'The government has its role to play in this, but honestly, the government itself is not going to defeat this.'" Read on.

McCain's Out-of-Control Anger

Does He Have the Temperament to Be President?
"WASHINGTON -- Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is considered a front-runner for the 2008 race, but does McCain have the temperament to be president?

As portrayed by the mainstream media, McCain is an engaging war hero, a man of political moderation positioned between the left and the right.

But to insiders who know him, McCain has an irrational, explosive side that make many of them question whether he is fit to serve as president and be commander in chief" Read more.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

U.S & Liberty: The Land of the Free - the Home of the Hated

"Those who are feared are hated." -- Bejamin Franklin

The U.S. is to the world what the New York Yankees are to American baseball ...... the ones you love to hate.

As the U.S. is villified around the world, and even the subject of vitriol at home by the left, one has to wonder why. What is the cause of it? Anti-Semitism used to be called ‘the socialism of fools.’ Now likewise we have anti-Americanism; and it seems to be on the ascent. The Jews for centuries have been the victims of hatred, but it is the American now that is under attack with this irrational behavior along with the Jews as witnessed by the 'Little Satan' and 'Big Satan' rhetoric.

Both the Americans and the Brits have done more good than bad in their deeds towards other nations than has any other country. Throughout all of history, no other nations have shared their fortunes with the poor nations to the extent of these two countries; money, education, and medicine would be at the top of the list.

But the world's response has been venomous hostility.

French philosopher Jean-Francois Revel blames it on the anti-globalist lobby. “In spreading the lie that globalization impoverishes the most needy, the protesters simply act upon their twin enthusiasms: anti-American and anti-capitalism” (American Enterprise, June 2004)."

"The United States is far from perfect, Revel acknowledges. Nevertheless, he suggests that any criticisms should be directed at real problems, and should not take the form of irrational rantings."

“Anti-Americanism is the prevailing disease of intellectuals today," says historian Paul Johnson, who sees the pointy-head intellectuals as being a major player in creating and perpetuating the great anti-American lie.

It is based on envy of American wealth, power, success and determination, which is both irrational and powerful. Another human trait equally irrational and powerful is jealousy.

Yet, every form of government has been tried, and the only one that has effectively survived is liberal democracy. This is the form of government which Churchill called the best of the worst:
“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

Even though all human forms of government are faulty systems, liberal democracy has proven through history to be the least of all evils. The real question becomes whether or not we can keep it.

"Revel's prescient warning to the European Left should also serve to educate thoughtful Americans about the challenge we face in Europe, which may be as daunting a challenge as that posed by Islamic terrorism. Something sick lies at the heart of Western civilization. The democracies that will surely perish will be those who cannot tell the difference between good and evil, survival and ruin, freedom and tyranny. Or, perhaps more to the point, the greatest danger faced by democracy are those who deny that there is any real difference after all."

"Solidarity Tax" Pushed by United Nations As First Step in Global Taxation

France is now charging travelers a new tax on their airline tickets, amounting to a surcharge of between $1.25 and $50. The French government claims the new tax is earmarked to help the world's poor. The airline surcharge, which is based on the traveler's ticket price, came into effect this weekend.

The new tax, pushed through the French parliament by President Jacques Chirac and backed by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, is being hailed and criticized by many throughout the globe. It's being hyped by the Globalists as the 'Solidarity Tax.'

The airlines will collect the money and turn it over to the French government which will then transfer the proceeds to the United Nations. There's talk of eventually having the airlines submit funds collected directly to the United Nations." Read on.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July

HeavyHanded wants to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. I want to also give a big thanks to our veterans of all branches of our armed forces for their service to our country, and of course to all those presently serving in our military wherever they may be.

I am in awe of your dedication and sacrifices, as well as the sacrifices of your families.

My nephew spent one year in Iraq and came back in March safe and sound. Last Thursday night I made a trip to Keegan's Bar to meet up with some fellow Minnesota bloggers. Fellow blogger Leo of Psycmeistr's Ice Palace was there. His 19 year old son was deployed recently to Iraq; so Leo, I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

As we celebrate Independence day, let us not forget the sacrifices that have been made by so many all the way back to our struggles to gain our indepedence from England. In today's war against Islamofascism, I marvel at how so many people on the left do not see the evil we are fighting and the dangers of ignoring it. It should be the one thing that cuts across political lines and something we can all be united upon. Sadly, we are not.

It brings to mind what Benjamin Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

"The problem with doing nothing is not knowing when you are finished."

"Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you."
-- Benjamin Franklin"

"The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself." -- Benjamin Franklin

Turkey's new leaders plot overthrow of secular system

"Analysts at a Washington, D.C. think tank said the government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan
plans to overthrow Turkey's secular regime. They said Erdogan's Justice and Development Party, or AKP, was pursuing a secret agenda for an Islamic takeover." Read on.

Israel Plans to Buy Over 100 F-35s

In an exclusive interview, Israeli Air Force (IAF) chief procurement officer Brigadier-General Ze'ev Snir told Israel's Globes publication that F-35 Joint Strike Fighter was a key part of their... Read on.

Korea Requests 48 SM-2 Block IIIB Standard Missiles

Defense Security Cooperation Agency

Washington: The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the South Korean Government of 48 SM-2 Block IIIB Tactical Standard missiles as well as associated equipment and services. The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as $111 million.

The Government of Korea has requested a possible sale of 48 SM-2 Block IIIB Tactical Standard missiles with Mk 13 Mod 0 canisters, containers, Intermediate-Level Maintenance spares and repair parts, supply support, personnel training and training equipment, publications and technical data, U.S. Government and contractor technical assistance and other related elements of logistics support. " More.

South Korea to buy 48 patriot interceptor missiles


Seoul: South Korea plans to buy 48 Patriot interceptor missiles from Germany as part of a plan to upgrade its missile defences, officials said today.

South Korea has already notified Germany of its interest in buying the missiles, with the aim of replacing the country's outdated Nike-Hercules missiles by 2010, an official at the defence acquisition programme administration said." Read on.

Oil-rich, cash-poor Iran faces gasoline rationing

"Officials said Iran, hampered by a shortfall in funding, would halt the import of 200,000 barrels per day of gasoline on Sept. 23, 2006. They said no decision has been made on when to begin gasoline rationing." More details.

Major Pacific exercise underway with N. Korea in background

"The number of vessels participating in the show of force — and some of the specific war games they played — were fine-tuned to train for countering long-range missiles even though the exercises were scheduled long before the current threat from North Korea." More...

President Approves Guatemala CAFTA-DR Implementation

Farm Futures - Carol Stream,IL,USA
Guatemala joins El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua in full implementation of this agreement. "I greatly appreciate the sincere ... More.

Peru Farmers Strike FTA with US

Prensa Latina - Havana,Cuba
Lima, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) Peruvian farmers have begun an indefinite strike Monday protesting the Congressional ratification of the free trade agreement with ...More.

Pro-Life Advocates Launch United Nations Campaign to Oppose Abortion

"Geneva, Switzerland (LifeNews.com) -- An Irish member of the European parliament and a British pro-life group are launching a new campaign at the United Nations to protect the right to life of unborn children from abortion. The effort comes at a time when Amnesty International is considering supporting abortion, which could move the UN more in favor of abortion." More details.

Treason on West 43rd Street

By Michael Reagan
"You could call it 'Treason Central,' or 'al-Qaida West,' but no matter what you call it, the building housing the once-august New York Times at 229 West 43rd Street in New York City is a beehive of anti-American hostility, where selling out the nation's secrets has become the newspaper's stock in trade." More.

Hamdan: What the ruling says--and what it doesn't say.

OpinionJournal - Extra
"Overall, the administration should immediately respond to Hamdan by revising its military-commission rules, conforming them to courts-martial practice where possible (and properly justifying such departures as may be necessary), or by seeking congressional action to make clear that military-commission rules need not be the same as those applicable in courts-martial. Indeed, as these are not mutually exclusive remedies, the pursuit of both options would make very good sense. More fundamentally, however, the administration should stick to its guns on the fundamental question whether the U.S. is fighting a war with al Qaeda secure in the knowledge that the Supreme Court has, and continues, to validate the legal basis of this conflict." Read on.

After Hamdan: Do al Qaeda detainees deserve the same rights as U.S. GIs?

OpinionJournal - Featured Article:
"As a practical political matter, Hamdan tosses the debate over military commissions back to Congress. Our liberal friends keep assuring us that this is the key to restoring the 'rule of law.' But there's a reason the Founders gave Presidents the bulk of the Constitutional power to wage war, leaving to Congress mainly the power to declare war and then finance it. The executive branch can act with speed and decisiveness that a committee of 535 simply cannot. Presidents can also be held directly accountable by voters in a way that a diffuse Congress (and especially the Supreme Court) cannot.

That's why the clamor after 9/11 was for the White House to act, and that is the period in which it established military commissions and set up Guantanamo. Now that we haven't been hit again in nearly five years, liberals want us to believe that such executive authority is more dangerous than our enemies.

We thus certainly hope the Administration presses its case for military commissions to the Congress, including just how much due process protection the Members think al Qaeda detainees really deserve. An election is coming in which the prosecution of the war on terror will again be a major issue. By all means let's debate the proper care and handling of Osama's bodyguard." Read it all here.

Let the riots begin ...........

Illegal students face expulsion from France
An amnesty for foreign students who are in France illegally expires with the end of the school year tomorrow, making tens of thousands of youths eligible for deportation and prompting cries of alarm from left-wing and pro-immigrant groups.
Will they begin rioting again? HeavyHanded expects so.

Academic manifesto takes root

By Valerie Richardson

DENVER -- Three years ago, David Horowitz came to Colorado to promote his newly inked Academic Bill of Rights, a plan the radical-turned-conservative activist said was needed to liberate students from an oppressive atmosphere of liberal groupthink at the nation's universities.
Critics had scoffed at the assertion by Mr. Horowitz -- who in the 1960s had been a prominent left-wing student activist -- that freedom on 21st-century campuses was being crushed by a tyrannical regime of political correctness." Read on.

Senators promise Gitmo statute

Senators of both parties yesterday said Congress would provide President Bush with legislation to deal with the terror suspects detained at the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, following a Supreme Court decision that limited the White House's authori..... Details.

Mexico election too close to call

Mexico's intensely fought presidential race was deadlocked between rival leftist and conservative candidates yesterday, revealing deep divisions in this country of 100 million. Details.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Establishment of an Al Qaeda's Bill of Rights

The liberal leaning US Supreme Court ruled in a 5-3 decision (Chief Justice Roberts had recused himself and the ?moderate? Kennedy siding with the 4 lib Justices) that the President cannot order terrorist enemy combatants to be tried before a military tribunal. The court was wrong in citing the rules according to the Geneva Convention. This inexplicable ratiocination, using the Geneva Convention as its' basis for this bonehead decision, is not applicable in the situation we find ourselves in as we carry on our fight against terrorists.

The Geneva Convention applies to those who sign it, and to those who wear the uniform of a recognized country, with clearly visible insignias, and whose weapons are openly displayed. None of these scenarios are applicable to the current crop of residents at Camp Gitmo. But what the heck, just for laughs, I guess, the liberal Justices, used it anyway. This is simply and clearly yet another instance of courts—and now even the US high court—making up decisions as they go along, in order to justify their own ideologies. Although these decisions fly in the face of the US Constitution, these liberal courts have determined that they are far above the laws of the land. (1)

The 1949 Geneva Conventions were created in the aftermath of the horrors of Nazi Germany. The idea behind the Geneva Conventions and similar agreements was to codify the rules of "civilized war," and to ensure that no nation would want to violate those rules. The warning that any fighting force that violates those rules will not be able to claim their protection if captured is an explicit part of the Conventions. To make it perfectly clear, Article 4 of the Fourth Geneva Convention specifically states, "Nationals of a State which is not bound by the Convention are not protected by it."

Even if one ignores the fact that terrorist groups are not a nation, the Conventions set very specific conditions under which a captured combatant may claim POW status.

In a stupefying circumvent of their Constitutional authority, the Supreme Court voted that Geneva Convention protections must be modified and broadened to include captured terrorists. In effect, this decision commands the President to violate the Geneva Conventions and renders them meaningless. The Court also denied the President the ability to convene military tribunals for prisoners. This makes military courts-martial or civilian trials the only avenues for prosecuting enemy combatants (terrorists) without an act of Congress, which some Republican Senators are looking at possibly doing. Presumably, the Dems will fight any such legislation.

In their ruling, the Court also extended Constitutional protections to captured terrorists, including the rights to counsel and to confront their accuser, and the presumption of innocence - an "Al Qaeda Bill of Rights."

My, aren't we civil?

These are rights that have always been reserved for those who live under our Constitution, not foreign enemies whose aim is to destroy it. It's hard to imagine General Patton sending soldiers away from the battlefield, to sit in court waiting to testify against captured Nazis. Patton would have simply ordered that no prisoners would henceforth be taken alive. Then again, half the Federal government wasn't trying to lose that war with the enthusiastic cooperation of the media. But I do wonder how this will affect the decisions made by our troops from here on out. What's their motivation not to take a "no prisoner" approach on the battlefield? (2)

The court's decision means that detainees will have to be granted the increased rights of prisoners-of-war, something the Bush administration has always opposed since the 9-11 terrorist attacks. He had good reasons. To put these terrorists on trial in civilian courts or open sessions of military commissions opens the door for classified information to be broadcast to the whole world, and yes, that includes the terrorists. As it is, the US news media has been doing an excellent job of providing America's enemies with abundant information; now we'll also have shysters leaking top secrets.

The Supreme Court ruling brought smiles to the faces of left-wing groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and so-called human rights organizations, and thunderous laughter to the detainees, detainees' relatives, and their fellow jihadists.

Both the Bush Administration and its critics acknowledged that while the ruling was a huge blow to a central part of America's anti-terror strategy, it did not require the immediate closure of the Guantanamo prison. The Democrats seemed a bit disappointed when they heard that part. While the Democrat lawmakers made the rounds of the news shows gloating over their empty victory, President Bush reminded them that: "The American people need to know that the ruling, as I understand it, won't cause killers to be put out on the streets," he said.

The President also vowed that the Guantanamo detainees would not be freed. His response infuriated the terrorists' allies -- lawyers, Democrats and news media -- who want prisoners treated like normal criminal defendants. After all, this is truly not a war and does not require military action, but should be handled as a police action.

Many hailed Thursday's ruling as a major victory. But if it was a defeat for Bush and for Americans, then it must be a victory for left-wing politicians and reporters from the treasonous New York Times, since the court's decision aids terrorists.

For instance, Zachary Katznelson, a lawyer who represents 36 inmates, said, "I think it's a fantastic victory for us. It's a strong rebuke from the Supreme Court to President Bush." Amnesty International said, "The US administration should ensure that those held in Guantanamo should be either released or brought before civilian courts on the US mainland."

And of course, the swimmer, Senator Edward Kennedy, said the verdict was a "stunning repudiation" for Mr. Bush. "The Supreme Court has reminded the president and [defense] secretary Rumsfeld that there is no excuse for ignoring the rule of law even when our country is at war." But I didn't think we were at war, Ted.

The Supreme Court case was the result of an appeal by Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni, who has admitted to being Osama bin Laden's driver and bodyguard. He faced a single count of conspiring against American citizens. And the Democrats are celebrating his victory? Why is this a victory?

Taken together with the previous Supreme Court ruling that Guantanamo inmates must have access to attorneys, Thursday's decision makes fighting a war on terrorism much more difficult for the Bush Administration and for those in command positions. The Americans lose under this scenario. The Dems don't see it. Or, maybe they don't care.

Probably one of the happiest Democrats is Senator Patrick "Leaky" Leahy, the senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who got booted off the Senate Intelligence Committee for leaking classified information.

Sen. Leahy boasted, "The Justices have given our system a constitutional tonic that is sorely needed if we are to counter terrorism effectively, efficiently and with American values." Of course, as usual, Democrats never explain how handcuffing the military and law enforcement make our counter terrorism strategy and execution more effective and efficient. And with their comrades in the news media they never will have to explain.

Then, the Socialist gem from Vermont, Rep. Bernie Sanders, joined Leahy in praising the court's ruling and in criticizing the Bush Administration's policy regarding the detainees.

"Today's Supreme Court decision is an important victory in the effort to reign in the abuses of power we have experienced under the Bush administration," Sanders said in a statement released by his office. This man gets elected? What abuse did he experience. All of a sudden it's "we" who are saved? How are we saved by giving more rights to terrorist thugs?

Leahy called the decision "a triumph for our constitutional system of checks and balances. I commend the justices for acting as a much needed check on this administration's unilateral policies that have clearly stretched the bounds of the president's constitutional authority."

I've got a great idea, those clowns in Vermont elected a Marxist and a treasonous leaker, so how about we send the detainees to Vermont and keep them there? (3)

How did we ever get to this place that we now find ourselves in? We need to give civil liberties to non-citizens ..... to evil sub-humans that live and die to wreak this kind of carnage?

The Hamdan Decision
By Rich Galen
I don't see Thursday's Supreme Court ruling as anything like a "sweeping rebuke" of the Bush Administration's tireless efforts to keep people from coming to America to kill us. In fact, Justice Stephen Breyer, who voted with the majority, wrote in a concurring opinion, "Nothing prevents the president from returning to Congress to seek the authority he believes necessary." Let's see how happy the Democrats are when they have to vote on that legislation...

GOP Senators Push for Military Tribunals
The Supreme Court's rebuff of the Bush administration's Guantanamo military tribunals knocks the issue into the halls of Congress, where GOP leaders are already trying to figure out how to give the president the options he wants for dealing with suspected terror detainees.

That way forward could be long and difficult. Congress will negotiate a highly technical legal road - one fraught with political implications in an election year - under the scrutiny of the international community that has condemned the continued use of the Guantanamo prison."

House Passes Resolution Criticizing Media Leaks
In a move that simply sends a message, the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a nonbinding resolution criticizing media leaks that “[impair] the international fight against terrorism and needlessly exposes Americans to the threat of further terror attacks…” A leading Democrat called it a political document...

"The American people don't like to lose. Until the Democrats find a withdrawal plan that looks like a victory, the Republicans will have the upper hand."
Eleanor Clift

MIT Professor Declares Gore’s Global Warming Crusade a ‘Bait-and-Switch Scam’

From NewsBusters

Pardon the pun, but the concept of global warming came under some more heat today from the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, Richard S. Lindzen. Some of you might be familiar with the name Lindzen. He has been a strong antagonist to global warmingists – especially Al Gore – and wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal back in April wherein he not only contested media assertions that the Bush administration has been putting pressure on scientists to oppose climate change principles, but avowed that exactly the opposite is the case: “Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse.” Read more at NewsBusters.

New Jersey Gov't Shutdown

The International Herald Tribune and New York Times are reporting that the "Budget impasse shuts down New Jersey."

Jim Kouri in his commentary New Jersey Gov't Shutdown by Liberal Governor Seeking Tax Hikes notes "New Jersey's pride and joy of a governor, Democrat Jon Corzine," has decided to shut down all but the most critical state agencies after he was not able to get the legislature to approve a sales tax hike. The budget deadline expired on June 30. Only approximately 30,000 state employees will continue working - but without pay.

He adds, "one of the richest politicians in the US is sending people to the unemployment line because he wasn't being allowed to raise taxes on a state that's running neck and neck with Louisiana when it comes to systemic corruption."

It is the first time that New Jersey's government has shut down, or even partly shutdown because a budget was not approved at fiscal year end. Unable to broker his first budget as governor, the Democrat governor, using emergency powers given to him (under the Disaster Control Act) will keep all nonessential state workers home.
"Had a Republican used a disaster act to shutdown government for tax purposes, the New York Times and other news media would be squawking about an expansion of power, since the Disaster Control Act is meant for -- well -- disasters. It wasn't meant for a liberal governor to throw a snit because he's being prevented from raising taxes."

His entire article can be seen here.

When Liberals Pass a Graveyard or Illegal Aliens, They See Votes

Can Liberals Exempt Themselves From The Terror War?

By Christopher G. Adamo

Islamist hatred for Western Civilization recognizes no distinction of political philosophies. Despite their aiding and abetting the terrorists, America's leftists are no less targeted than mainstream America. Read more.

The Chomsky Fallacy

Tech Central Station
By Keith Burgess-Jackson

Noam Chomsky is a brilliant, well-trained expert on linguistics. Linguistics. Not foreign policy. His fame in the latter domain suggests a common fallacy about the transferability of expertise and authority. More.

When Speech Becomes a Crime

By Cinnamon Stillwell

Outright censorship and draconian speech codes have long been a staple of Third World authoritarian regimes. But the United States (where the First Amendment is supposed to reign supreme) has always prided itself on protecting free speech. Yet because of the creeping reach of political correctness, one can now be put in prison, lose a job, be kicked out of school or be otherwise censored simply for uttering an unpopular opinion. Read more.

Israeli warplanes hit Hamas offices
Israeli aircraft fired missiles at the Palestinian prime minister's office early today, just hours after a Palestinian official said the soldier whose abduction sent Israeli troops into the Gaza Strip is alive and in stable condition. More.

Will the voting results have an impact?

With the voting taking place today in Mexico for their new President'e, will it have any impact at all on the importance of border control and the attention/priority which we give it?
Mexico takes uncertain turn
Mexican voters choosing a new president face a stark choice today between a candidate who would shift the country of 100 million people to the left, and one who would keep it on its rocky path toward U.S.-style free-market capitalism.

Does it make any difference on how we approach securing our border if we have a country with a 100 million people under a socialist president versus, say, a president that is more supportive of free markets?

Are You Bored with Global Warming?

AXcess News - Carson City,NV,USA
By Alan Caruba. (AXcess News) South Orange, NJ

Are you bored with hearing about global warming all the time? Me, too. Everything including poison ivy was attributed to the dreaded, but fictitious global warming. ... More.

Ethanol may be part of sugar cane future
2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge,LA,USA
... "It was sort of like a field trip," said Giovanna De Queiroz, a post-doctoral researcher from Peru who is working on ethanol research at the Audubon Sugar ... Read more.

Venezuela puts squeeze on foreign oil companies
Baltimore Sun - United States
SAN DIEGO DE CABRUTICA, Venezuela - A decade ago, this vast region of eastern Venezuela called the Orinoco Belt was a backwater known for its expansive plains ...More...

Rumblings in Venezuela

Strategy Page:
"Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's weapons buying spree, and his attempts to create a 'Bolivarian' defense strategy, is having a deleterious effect of the efficiency of the armed forces. Despite Chavez's efforts to 'Bolivarianize' (introduce 'radical and revolutionary' concepts) the armed forces, many officers are trying to maintain professional standards. Naturally, active military officers are reluctant to speak out. But retired ones are beginning to do so." Read on.

"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged African nations to boost taxes on oil producers, saying the world's poorest continent isn't gaining enough benefits from its reserves." More...

US's El Salvador order an immigration loophole
Houston Chronicle - United States
An 18-year-old federal court order - originally intended to protect refugees from a civil war in El Salvador - has become a gaping hole in the Bush ...

Support troops theme causes social group to drop float from Canada Day parade

Canadian Press
Published: Saturday, July 01, 2006

VICTORIA (CP) - "The annual Canada Day parade in the seaside community of Parksville will have one less float Saturday because a local group opposes what it calls the American-dominated military theme of this year's parade.

The decision to sell T-shirts, for $10 each, was made to raise money to offset parade costs and send a message to Canadians serving in the military that people in Parksville were thinking about them on Canada Day, said chamber president Cheryl Dill on Tuesday.

But the Oceanside Coalition for Strong Communities says the T-shirts are an open endorsement of American military policy, which many Canadians do not support even though Canadian troops are stationed in Afghanistan.

The coalition had no choice but to pull its float - a puppet show popular with children - in protest from the Parksville parade, spokesman Rick Sullivan said." Read more.

Police arrest a naked man lurking in a North Kingstown basement

ABC6.com - WLNE-TV

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) July 1,2006

Daniel Walters was arrested yesterday and charged with breaking and entering and other crimes. He was ordered held on $1000 bail.

Police say they received a call from a woman around 1:30 am. When officers got to the basement, they found a window off its hinges and heard growling coming from behind a door.

Authorities say the officers opened the door, and Walters came running at them -- naked." Details.

Local officer accused of terrorizing man

STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) - "A Maplewood police officer was charged with several felonies for allegedly falsely imprisoning a man and threatening to beat him, only to let him go when the man called 911 on his cell phone from the back of a squad car." More details.

Fans Threaten to Sue Streisand


Barbra Streisand is reportedly facing legal action from angry fans after she announced her upcoming U.S. tour -- as they insist they paid a fortune to see her 'last-ever' performances nearly a decade ago.

The furious former admirers of the superstar are planning to file suit on fraud charges.

Streisand, who told fans she was quitting touring for good in 1999, kicks off her tour in October."