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Heavy-Handed Politics

"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chris Matthews and "Misinformation"

By David Limbaugh: "MSNBC's Chris Matthews appeared on 'The Tonight Show' Wednesday night pontificating, mostly, about the Iraq war. Those who deny the overwhelming liberal bias of the mainstream media and who are pushing the Fairness Doctrine to muzzle conservative talk radio should be required to watch a tape of Matthews' performance.

To a fawning Jay Leno, Matthews engaged in a .... "

U.N. High Tech for Kim

Add Burma to the list of scandals.

"The United Nations' Cash for Kim Jong Il scandal is now six months old, so it's a good time to assess progress, if that's the right word. The evidence of misdeeds at the U.N. Development Program in North Korea continues to mount, but there's still no 'urgent' and 'external' inquiry, as ordered by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in January.

Now the U.S. has uncovered evidence that in addition to transferring millions of dollars in cash that may have gone to help prop up Kim's grotesque regime, the UNDP also transferred dual-use technology. It did so without bothering to secure a U.S. export license and despite the fact that the Commerce Department had denied an earlier application for a license for technology for the same project." Read on.....


‘Fat Tax’ Could Save Lives, Empty Wallets
A targeted food tax could discourage people from buying unhealthy foods and could save lives, according to researchers in the United Kingdom. But critics say diet is a private matter and the government should stay out of citizens’ kitchens...

Coming soon to a theatre near you.

Rangel's Humility

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) offered this special earmark: $2 million for the City College of New York to establish the “Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service.” Rangel’s humility is exemplary.

Source: Patriot Post

Around the nation: Pennsylvania healthcare

"In health news from the states, Pennsylvania has provided the latest example of good government intentions perverted by unintended consequences. Governor Ed Rendell recently proposed to overhaul the state’s healthcare system by taxing businesses to cover the state’s uninsured population. The billions in new taxes will certainly bring on some sticker shock, because only six percent of the state’s population is uninsured. As nearby Connecticut discovered, spending $18 billion a year to cover merely six percent of the Connecticut population was bitter medicine for the government, although Democrats still hope the scheme will become law. Despite worldwide publicity, most government bureaucrats hope the news that their healthcare schemes would double the size of most states’ budgets will not be reported, so their schemes are being marketed as a cost and tax savings to provide affordable health coverage.

The creator of socialized medicine, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, long ago noted that the real purpose behind the creation of a government monopoly on healthcare is preservation of the state. When big-government liberals justify colossal tax increases and bureaucratic growth to benefit only a tiny minority of the population, we should remember that transferring more power from individuals to the government is their real goal, not the banal, egalitarian-sounding guise of “free” healthcare for everyone."

From the Patriot Post.

Making America Safe: Remaining Vigilant Against Terror Threats

"Two recent events confirm that measures taken since the September 11th attacks have made us safer.

First, the National Intelligence Estimate, a summary of which has been .... "

By By John Boehner

Attacking General Petraeus: The Hysterics of the Anti-War Fringe

By Hugh Hewitt

After peak oil: Will America survive?

"The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."

- James Madison -

Mrs. Clinton's Patriotism Problem

James Taranto points out that Hillary "has joined the list of Democratic politicians who have publicly raised questions about their own patriotism."

As I have posted earlier, she received a rebuke from the Pentagon, and no, not the "whole Pentagon, as I know not everyone is in lock step. But the letter came from Eric Edelman, who is an "official voice" serving in the capacity of Undersecretay of Defense for Policy. Please note he is not just an aide or an intern acting as a loose cannon.

Anyway, more to the point, she was ciriticized for requesting a briefing from officials at the Pentagon, inquiring as to whether or not they have "undertaken serious planning" for the future withdrawal of troops from Iraq. She said the response was "outrageous and offensive" and she deeply resented "the administrations continuing effort to impugh the patriotism of those of us who are asking the hard questions."

Me thinks she dost protest too much.

Here is part of the letter with its' stinging and "offensive" criticism:
Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies, much as we are perceived to have done in Vietnam, Lebanon, and Somalia. Such talk understandably unnerves the very same Iraqi allies we are asking to assume enormous personal risks in order to achieve compromises on national reconciliation, amending the Iraqi constitution, and other contentious issues. Fear of a precipitate U.S. withdrawal also exacerbates sectarian trends in Iraqi politics as factions become more concerned with achieving short-term tactical advantages rather than reaching the long-term agreements necessary for a stable and secure Iraq.

Taranto points out that Edelman is only making the case that making public demands for early withdrawal by these politicians, Hillary included, is harmful and can embolden the enemy because our enemies, yes enemies - not "enemies" - see a "house divided" (my words) and it encourages our enemies to "stay the course." (Bush's words).

Not a tough concept... hope you can follow it.

There is not one word in the letter (full letter here) questioning her patriotism. Edelman, Taranto notes, is questioning "the wisdom and likely consequences of her actions," not her motives.

Taranto further wonders why these politicians think that "defensively denying that they lack patriotism is a winning approach".

Beats me.

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead


This story is posted at Fox News under their section that lists the most read and most emailed stories but carries an original date date of December 26, 2001. I am not sure why this would still be listed as "a most read/emailed story" at this time.

"Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

'The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead,' the source said.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief." Continue reading......
I, for one, believe he is dead and has been for quite some time now.

There have been numerous news accounts of his passing like this one for example from arabicnews.com:

Pakistani paper: Bin Laden is dead
Regional-USA, Politics, 10/26/2002

"The Paris based 'al-Watan al-Arabi' issued yesterday said that Pakistani sources confirmed the death of the leader of al- Qaida organization Osama Bin Laden as a result of the American air bombardment against his forces in the Pakistani city of Toura Bora, noting that the US hid the news of his death for fears of the escalation of voices which call for halting the international campaign against terrorism and the withdrawal of the American forces.

The same sources, in exclusive statement to the magazine in its recent issue, attributed the reasons behind Washington's hiding news on the death of Osama Bin Laden to the desire of the hawks of the American administration to use the issue of al-Qaida and international terrorism to invade Iraq, expecting that the death of Bin Laden will be only announced after completing the plan of attacking Iraq."

Over at What Really Happened they list some other accounts of Bin Laden's demise.

One question is: "Does it really matter?" Is there a benefit to our government perpetuating his existence? Some think so. Me? I'm not so sure. It certainly would give Bush's low approval ratings a shot in the arm - at least temporarily. But if we are really determined to fight this GWOT, it certainly would not end just because Bin Laden is room temperature.

Quite some time ago I posted an article by Michael Ledeen wherein he stated that his middle east sources claimed Bin Laden was no longer of this world.

The reason for this new round of excitement over Bin Laden's health and whereabouts is driven by a recent release of a purported "new video" of him. This video of OBL is being vetted in the blogosphere and indications are that it is not "new." Check out the vetting here.

Note To The Media: Bin Laden Is Dead. Get Used To The Idea.

KXNet.com: "The supposedly “new” Bin Laden video has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth among our friends in the media who, for some reason, just don’t want to face up to the fact that the man is dead. Deceased. Kaput. Pushing up daisies. Bloggers all over the blogosphere have pointed out that the video at the center of all this consternation is very old and part of a propaganda piece that was released years ago" Read on.

Friday, July 20, 2007

China closes firms over tainted products

Yahoo! News: "BEIJING - Ahead of high-level visits by U.S. and European officials, China moved to sharpen its product safety image Friday, shutting down a chemical plant linked to dozens of deaths in Panama from tainted medicine and closing two companies tied to pet deaths in North America.

The measures come as Beijing fights to .... "

British Fighter Jets Scrambled as Russian Bombers Approach Airspace

FOXNews.com: "LONDON — Fighter planes from Britain and Norway scrambled on Friday to keep watch on Russian bombers that were approaching the countries' air space, officials said.

The incidents occurred amid high .... "

Tipster shields lifted by Democrats

The Washington Times

"Congressional Democrats yesterday declined to protect tipsters who report suspicious behavior from nuisance lawsuits.

'This is a slap in the face of good citizens who do their patriotic duty and come forward, and it caves in to radical Islamists,' said Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Republicans tried to .... "

Russian military industries take aim at North Africa

World Tribune

"Officials and analysts said Moscow has been .... "

Israel: Hamas has formed an army of 13,000

World Tribune

"TEL AVIV — The Israeli military has concluded that Hamas has has mobilized and trained a .... "

50 German firms under investigation for helping Iran's nuke program

World Tribune

"LONDON — Germany is investigating scores of companies suspected of .... "

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keith Ellison's Delusion

By Michael Medved
"Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison recently compared President Bush to Adolph Hitler, suggesting Bush "exploited" 9/11, like Hitler used the Reichstag fire, to seize absolute power.

Those who defied Nazi propaganda ended up in concentration camp; those who denounced Bush propaganda got big book contracts and exclusive interviews on "60 Minutes" along with general adulation from the media establishment.

Of all the paranoid charges against the Bush administration, the silliest involves the suppression of dissent: from the time of the disputed election with Al Gore, millions of Americans loudly dissented from presidential policies and none of them--not one--has faced dire consequences. Even at the time of the president's greatest popularity, leftists energetically attacked him--protesting even against the invasion of Afghanistan. None of these critics suffered for his opinions and dissent remains lively, even ubiquitous, in today's America."

Furthermore, Bush has been called, or has been compared to Hitler, by those on the left, too many times to even remember them all, yet none ..... none .... "by George" .... have been thrown in jail because of it.

Nor has there been any accusations of the IRS being used to harrass, by way of audits, his critics; a favorite tactic of the Clinton administration.

Dems wield war debate to weaken GOP in 2008

"Democratic Senate leaders knew going into Wednesday's procedural roll call on their proposal to withdraw most U.S. forces from Iraq that they didn't have the votes to win, but victory wasn't their goal."

U.S. Says Insurgent Leader It Couldn’t Find Never Was - New York Times

Chertoff: 'Operational Control' of Border by 2013: "Construction on a border wall in southern Texas is expected to begin by this autumn, despite strong local opposition, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said in an interview published on Thursday."

Joshua Bolten Could Face Contempt Charges: "The White House chief of staff faced possible contempt charges after a congressional panel on Thursday rejected President George W. Bush's attempt to limit the probe of the firing of federal prosecutors."

U.S.: No Deadline Agreed at North Korea Talks: "Arms talks with North Korea failed to yield an agreement on a deadline for disabling its nuclear facilities, the U.S. said Thursday, dashing hopes for another disarmament breakthrough after the shutdown of Pyongyang's sole reactor."

Report: U.S. Nuclear Secrets Stolen From Lab: "A contract employee at a nuclear material cleanup site in Tennessee was charged Thursday with allegedly stealing classified data about enriching uranium to sell to foreign governments, law enforcement officials said."

Pentagon: Hillary Boosting Enemy Propaganda: "The Pentagon has issued a stinging rebuke to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, arguing that she is boosting enemy propaganda by asking how the U.S. plans to eventually withdraw from Iraq."

Harris Poll: Fred Thompson Now Leads: "In the Republican nomination race for the White House in 2008, former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, while still not a declared candidate, has edged marginally ahead of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Nearly three .... "

Bill Clinton: 'No Military Victory' Possible in Iraq

"Former President Bill Clinton on Thursday criticized President George W. Bush's administration for failing in Iraq, saying their was no evidence of much-needed political or diplomatic progress." More.

I suppose it depends on how you define 'military victory', right Bill?

That is most likely beyond your abilities since you are not even sure what the meaning of 'is' is.

Oprah Aims to Rescue Obama: "Can Oprah Winfrey elect Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States?

Already the TV talk-show queen kick-started .... "

Sen. DeMint: Bush to Push Insurance Reform: "In the next two weeks, President Bush will be pushing legislation to provide health insurance to all Americans without a net tax increase, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), tells .... "

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

“A man to be a sound politician and in any degree useful to the country must be governed by higher and steadier considerations than those of personal sympathy and private regard.”
-Martin Van Buren-

“There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.”

“Nothing brings out the lower traits of human nature like office seeking.”
-Rutherford B. Hayes-

“In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate - look to his character.”
-Noah Webster-

Health Care Lie: '47 Million Uninsured Americans'

From BMI's The Balance Sheet

Forget what you’ve heard. That often repeated claim about the “47 million uninsured Americans” simply isn’t true. Michael Moore, President Bush, the presidential candidates and the media were wrong. According to the Census Bureau, that figure includes nearly 10 million non-citizens, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The “crisis” of the uninsured is significantly smaller than you’ve been told. Read on.

Democrats Lack Support to Force Vote on Pullout - New York Times

New York Times

16 Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Attack

"MIRAN SHAH, Pakistan (AP) - Militants attacked security forces Wednesday in northwest Pakistan, killing 16 soldiers and wounding up to 21 others in two separate strikes against military convoys, officials said.

The escalating violence follows the scrapping by militant leaders of a 10-month-old peace accord with the government in the Afghan frontier region of North Waziristan"

Musharraf rules out Pakistan emergency over attacks

By Augustine Anthony

"ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday ruled out declaring an emergency amid a rising tide of militant attacks that have killed more than 130 people this month, officials said."

The High Price of Naivete

By David Aikman

As Yogi Berra once said, "It's deja vu all over again."

Those of us old enough to recall the protests of the sixties against the Vietnam War will never forget one slogan constantly used. It was, "Stop the war."

The protesters who thought up this chant gave the impression that if the U.S. simply walked away from Vietnam and Cambodia, the war would stop. Well, America did walk away from both countries, but the war didn't stop. It went on until South Vietnam became a Communist dictatorship. Millions died while trying to flee in leaky boats and Cambodia became a genocidal nightmare.

Of course we have to leave Iraq sooner or later. But let no one make the mistake of thinking that this will stop the war. It won't. The Iraqi government knows it, and the Iraqi people will pay the price for our naivete.

Delusions of Honesty

Tony Blair's domestic legacy: corruption and the erosion of liberty.


"There undoubtedly were things to be grateful for during the Blair years. His support for American policy in Iraq won him much sympathy in the U.S., of course. He was often eloquent in defense of liberty. And under Mr. Blair's leadership, Britain enjoyed 10 years of uninterrupted economic growth, leaving large parts of the country prosperous as never before. London became one of the world's richest cities, vying with New York to be the global economy's financial center. Mr. Blair did inherit a strapping economy from his predecessor, and he left its management more or less to the man who succeeds him, Gordon Brown. Still, unlike previous Labour prime ministers, he did not preside over an economic crisis: in itself, something to be proud of.

But how history will judge him overall, and whether it will absolve him (to adapt slightly a phrase coined by a famous, though now ailing, Antillean dictator), is another matter. Strictly speaking, history doesn't absolve, or for that matter vindicate, anybody; only people absolve or vindicate, and except in the most obvious cases of villainy or sainthood, they come to different conclusions, using basically the same evidence. There can thus be no definitive judgment of Mr. Blair, especially one contemporaneous with his departure. " Read on.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Al Gore Warming for 2008 Run?

"Al Gore maintains that he won't seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 -- but his actions seem to belie his words.

Gore has kept himself very much in the .... "

Townsend: U.S. in 'Heightened Threat' Environment

"WASHINGTON -- The United States faces an increased threat of attack from al Qaeda, which will likely try to use battle-hardened associates in Iraq to strike inside the United States, an intelligence report warned on Tuesday.

The unclassified report, part of a classified .... "

History Will Judge Harshly Those for Withdrawal from Iraq

By Dennis Prager: "More Republicans have defected to the withdraw-from-Iraq Democrats. They have read the polls that show falling support among the American people for the war in Iraq, and have concluded that continuing to support the war will cost them their Senate or House seat.

Is it possible that some of these Republicans have simply consulted their consciences and decided to abandon positions they have held since the beginning of the war? It is possible. But consider this: If the American people continued to support the war, does one reader of this column believe that one Republican defector would have in fact defected?

The sad truth is .... "

After Iraq

By Thomas Sowell: "'And then what?' That is the question which should be asked of those who are demanding that we pull out of Iraq now.

No candid answer should be expected from cynical politicians like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who have their bets riding big time on an American defeat in Iraq, as their ticket to winning the 2008 elections.

But that question should be .... "

Goodbye America, Hello North American Union
By Alan Caruba

Next month, the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico will sit down together in Montebello, Quebec, to discuss making the borders between these three nations disappear. They will discuss progress on a vast highway project passing through America to link Mexico with Canada. So far, no one has asked the citizens of these three nations whether they want to do this. It is not up for a vote in Congress and, indeed, Congress has no supervision over the gnomes in the U.S. Department of Commerce who are busily "harmonizing" the laws under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)...

Mrs. Edwards Supports Husband Over Hillary

No kidding. Who would ever have thunk?
Edwards: Husband better than Hillary

Bill's backers think FDA could engineer a safer cigarette - The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe: "Bill's backers think FDA could engineer a safer cigarette Law would have agency regulate tobacco products"

Could They Be Wrong 2 Years In A Row?

Where Are All Those Hurricanes?
“The Atlantic Basin continues to remain devoid of significant tropical activity,” says AccuWeather.com. Maps show just a few “waves” crossing the Atlantic Basin, despite predictions that the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season would be 'above normal' activity..."

Arab-American drivers accuse FedEx bosses of discrimination

Republicans Promise More Fairness Doctrine Opposition
Senate Republicans said Monday they would continue to propose legislative measures aimed at preventing the Federal Communications Commission from reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine. Democrats blocked the first attempt last week...

Gen. Pace Sees Positive 'Sea Change' in Iraq

Angry CIA Operatives Torpedoed Rumsfeld

Marine Defends Haditha Actions

Zogby: Hillary, Fred Thompson Lead 2008 Race

Rep. Hunter: Pardon Ramos and Compean

U.S. in 'Heightened Threat' Environment

Getting the facts straight about the old-new Russia.


Democrats find one government office they want to cut back. It's the one that exposes union corruption.

By John Fund

On the war, Ron Paul doesn't speak for all libertarians.


Muzzling Free Speech

By Harry Jackson
The hate crimes bill may sound like a good idea--but it is not. It focuses on violence against several protected classes of people, but the Senate should recognize that violence against all Americans should be worthy of consideration.

This bill would codify homosexual behavior as normative. While I am totally against violence targeted at homosexuals, I am against recognizing sexual orientation as a protected class.

This law could also challenge freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. Although it does not implicate free speech issues directly, laws have been interpreted differently than intended by the courts.

This is dangerous territory. We have laws on the books to punish someone found guilty of a crime, or crimes. It should be applied equally to all, not metered out in various degrees of punishment depending on who committed the crime or who was victimized.

And furthermore, we should not prosecute someone for their thought process. This is scary folks and we must beat back this attack on freedom.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Al Qaeda Terror Won't Stop If US Pulls Out of Iraq, Expert Says
Paris, France
- Al Qaeda will not stop carrying out acts of terrorism if the U.S. pulls its troops out of Iraq or if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved, according to a Middle East expert here. But an American withdrawal will likely open the door to a new regional conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, he predicted...

Muslim Figures Condemn Violent Tactics of Islamists
A panel of Muslims leaders and filmmakers gathered at the Heritage Foundation last week to speak out against violent extremists whom they believe are corrupting Islam...

Documents Cite Further Offending by Smuggler in Border Agents Case
Cipriano Ortiz-Hernandez confessed that he was storing marijuana for drug dealers in his Texas home when federal authorities turned up there in October 2005. According to DEA documents obtained by Cybercast News Service, Ortiz-Hernandez identified one of the drug dealers as Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, a Mexican who at the time was under a federal immunity deal for a previous drug offense...

Senators, Others Seek Answers in Border Agents Case
Patty Compean has a seemingly simple request for senators at an oversight hearing this week -- find out “what the heck happened.” A Senate panel on Tuesday will look into what happened to Compean’s husband and another man, both former U.S. Border Patrol agents now serving lengthy prison terms...

“The truth is, politics and morality are inseparable. And as morality’s foundation is religion, religion and politics are necessarily related. We need religion as a guide. We need it because we are imperfect, and our government needs the church, because only those humble enough to admit they’re sinners can bring to democracy the tolerance it requires in order to survive. A state is nothing more than a reflection of its citizens: The more decent the citizens, the more decent the state. If you practice a religion, whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or guided by some other faith, then your private life will be influenced by a sense of moral obligation, and so, too, will your public life.”

—Ronald Reagan

Peace through Strength

"There is a rank due to the United States, among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war."

-- George Washington