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Heavy-Handed Politics

"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Coming Runaway Inflation

By Robert Ringer
The game is over. Our unfunded liabilities and debt now total twice the amount of wealth of all individuals and corporations in the U.S. And BHO and his socialist allies in Congress are just getting started!

The days of being able to borrow limitless sums of money will soon be behind us. And even the most ardent socialist knows that there’s a limit to how much you can raise taxes. If you raise taxes too much, the economy ultimately shuts down completely.

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Do you believe Barack Obama is a socialist?

The Big Question
I rarely compliment BHO, but I’m obliged to say that I respect him for his unwavering Marxist beliefs. His nonstop lying about those beliefs should not be held against him. It’s just part of the Marx-Lenin-Alinsky ”ends-justifies-the-means” philosophy of bringing about the loss of liberty that all of them sincerely believed was a moral objective.

I know, I know … it sounds crazy. But that’s what they truly believed, and, giving BHO his due credit, I have no doubts that he, too, sincerely believes this stuff. Even with his college papers sealed, the man’s public statements (and his own books) make it clear that he has been consistent in his Marxist beliefs. You don’t hang out with Marxist professors in college if you’re a believer in freedom and free markets and love the American way of life.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Brian Miller : The Health Care Bill That Just Won't Die
Just when you think that the Democrats' Health Care Bill is dead . it rises from the grave like a zombie propelled by the sheer will of liberals in Washington who think they alone know what's best for the American people. President Obama today ordered Congress to pass the Health Care Bill in the next two weeks so that it can be written into law by a strategy called "reconciliation". The promise of bipartisanship has faded. Now, the bill will pass without Republican support.

While the Democrats in the House are busy lining up their......

Thomas Sowell : Alice in Medical Care: Part IV
Some years ago, one of my favorite doctors retired. On my last visit to his office, he took some time to explain to me why he was retiring early and in good health.

Being a doctor was becoming more of a hassle as the years went by, he said, and also less fulfilling. It was becoming more of a hassle because of the increasing paperwork, and it was less fulfilling because of the way patients came to him.

He was currently being asked to Xerox lots of records from his files, in order to be reimbursed for another......

Religion of the Sword

Dr. Jack Wheeler quote:

"Moslems are not really the problem, neither Moslem terrorists nor Moslem imperialists insisting on their medieval Sharia laws.

Christendom has been fighting Islam for almost fifteen centuries. The Spaniards fought 800 years to get rid of the Moslem invaders of their Christian lands. 800 years! That's how long the Reconquista took. How long have we in America been at it - two decades?

Islam is a self-identified religion of the sword. It cannot be anything else but. "Islam" is an Arabic word. It means submission. Moslems claim this means submit to Allah. What it really means is submit to them or die. Just the same as it was for the Communists of the Soviet Union.

Thus there can be no peace between Jihadi or Sharia Moslems and us, anymore than there could be with Soviet Communists. "Peace" for us means the absence of violence. "Peace" for Jihadis and Communists means the absence of disobedience. So there can be no peace, there can only be victory or submission."

New York's "enormous cigarette smuggling problem."

Dr. Jack Wheeler writes:

"Richard Rahn this week discusses the economics of raising cigarette taxes in New York, and parenthetically mentions New York's "enormous cigarette smuggling problem."

One thing I learned while in the Middle East is that our military intel guys there believe that much of the cigarette smuggling operation on the US East Coast is run by Moslems working for Al Qaeda.

Someone needs to tell New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg his cigarette taxes are resulting in scores of millions of dollars funding Al Qaeda terrorism. Someone needs to tell the DHS lady, Janet Napolitano, to do something about this. You wonder why nobody has. Or maybe they just don't care to listen."